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Favourite Characters: Allanon, Gareth Jax, Ahren, Tay

Shannara Series

Sword of Shannara -I quite liked Sword of Shannara, it is like Lord of the Rings in structure but develops away from that a little into the novel. Readers become captivated by the characters (Allanon is my favourite) and even learn to laugh at poor Flick. Shea has to finish what his ancestor Jerle couldn't and the first encounter with the Leah's (Menion) that ties the families together. I finally re-read the story and was hooked once again, I think Dayel is really funny and it is amusing to see the similarities but subtle differences to LotR - it is a great book to read.

Elfstones of Shannara - Elfstones follows Sword only in the way that Wil is Shea's grandson (Fick makes a cameo). Wil struggles to help Amberle find what she must do in order to save Ellcyrs and stop the demons from entering the world. Because his elfish blood runs thin in him he struggles to make the Elfstones work and they run into two feuding sisters and a small mouse man. Reading Sword of Shannara is not necessary but helpful. It is sad when Crispin dies (had to spoil that bit at least) and Ander is great he is definitely my favourite character in this book by far.

Wishsong of Shannara - All about Wil's children Brin and Jair and their quest for a magic book. Due to Wil's use of the Elfstones the magic was born into his children by way of wishsong in that they sing in order to make magic. WARNING: Sadness factor when Allanon dies and takes Brennen's place to become a shade. After re-reading it (in practically one sitting mind you) I feel in love with it again, Garet Jax (Picture Below) is just the best and Cogline is great as well (grumpy old man), Rone is kinda annoying as is Brin but Jair and co well and truly make up for them. Be warned HEAPS of characters die so just be warned and have tissue box ready.

First King of Shannara - I seemed to have forgotten to add this Shannara prequel into the book list ( I really don't know how, but I did - thanks to Robert for telling me). Well as I mentioned this is a prequel to the Shannara series and follows Jerle Shannara (the original man mind you not the ship) and his quest to stop the evil from spreading out through the land but as we all know he fails because he couldn't handle the sword. It is good as it is like a history book in order to understand the rest of the series. *sniff sniff* for Tay.

Hertiage of Shannara

The Scions of Shannara - Years later after several things happen descendants of the Ohmsfords, Leah's and Creel's join again. With the inclusion of Walker Boh (although he is abrasive I like him the best) who also has Shannara heritage and works with Cogline. Is the start of the Heritage of Shannara series that leads the descendents on a wild adventure all around the world.

The Druid of Shannara - Walker Boh is to become the next Druid after Allanon but pays the price of half a limb in order to learn this and other facts that he needs to continue. The King of the Silver River makes an appearance with his 'daughter' Quickening (you get to feel so sorry for Morgan Leah) and an old favourite turns out to be alive. (You could also slap Par with being so dumb.) Watch out for Pe Ell although he is an assassin he is really kewl.

The Elf Queen of Shannara - This one follows Wren on her search for the elves, where she learns of the Wing Riders and that the Shadowen are linked to the elves as well. Some sadness though out of 9 that hunt for the elves only 2 survive so that is a warning to not get to attached to the characters. Wren also finds out she is not only of Shannara heritage but is also an Elessedil, elvish rulers.

The Talismans of Shannara - Walker has to bring back the Druid Keep and must do battle with the four horsemen: Pestilence, Famine, War and Death (clearly the most exciting bit). The characters run in circles around each other and Par finally realises a truth that the readers had known for a long time. The way they ran around each other was hilarious but not annoying, a very good ending to a great series.

The Voyage of Jerle Shannara

Isle Witch - This is the start of a new series that includes Walker Boh's quest to find a lost magic with the help of some Shannara descendants, Wren's descendant as well as yet another Leah. But at a time of political upheaval and the introduction of two new "bad guys" to bet Walker to the magic. Truls Rohk is one of the best characters but I guess that I like Bek the best and when you find out what is in the box you want to slap your head for being so naive and stupid for not realising.

Antrax - Wow, wow, wow. This book is sooooo much better than the first I loved it so much and it ended even worse than the last one, it is such a pity that I have to wait a WHOLE year before the last installment. I wont spoil it but some more characters die and one is left dying at the end. Bek confronts his sister and is saved by Truls Rok (I love that guy) and Bek gets to see what he really looks like!!! Quentin and co meet so locals, whilst Ahren and Ryer Ord Star help Walker try and defeat Antrax, the sentient machine guarding their "treasure". Read it you'll love it!

Morgawr - Oh my, I loved it I waited for the book for so long and it was well worth it (after seeing Harry Potter, watching doubled episode of Stargate and Surviour I sat down till 2 in the morning reading it) - will we see a return of some of the characters (fingers crossed for a Druid Ahren) in the up coming Ard Rhys of Shannara series? This book concludes the voyage we find out what happens to Walker, who those ships on the horizon are and what is Ahren going to do with the Elfstones when he gets back home? Be warned characters die *sniff* and some get left behind and a budding romance begins. It is un put downable, any Shannara fan will love it . PS Kylen is a ....

High Druid of Shannara

Jarka Ruus - The first book in the new series is absolutely amasing and the fact that Ahren is in it is absolutely wonderful. Kyber is Ahren's neice whilst Pen is Bek and Rue's son. Together with Tagwen a dwarf they must try and find out what happend to Grianne and try and save her. meanwhile Grianne has found herself in a strange land that is quite unlike the Shannara she is used to. Despite the issues with the front cover (though personally I have the copy with just the back cover. It is kinda short it seems like it has been chopped up in bits or something which is a pity - seems like they want to draw the series out or something. Though I was in shock and cried - wont say why but I cried.

Tanequil - I didn't mind this books it had all the normal Shannara qualities but I must say I'm getting a little tired of it and yes I know ******** died in the first book do you have to keep rubbing it in? Pen and Khyber's quest for the Tanequil continues but when they reach one place they need to go they find themselves on the run over and over again. Not only this but Bek and Rue are imprisioned in the walls of Paranor by those they thought they could trust. All this is happening whilst a demon runs loose. It is a typical middle story - yes exciting things do happen but the last is set up to be interesting - will Brooks link the Word and Wishsong?????

Straken - Word and the Wishsong are combined in this final tale of Pen rescuing his aunt from the Faerie land of Jarka Rus. Not only that but he must find the demon that took her place and send it back to where it belongs. But after the loss of Cinnaminison, how can he accomplish this mean feet of endurance? An interesting conclusion to the triology which I feel would've better been as one book or two at most, but then again I'm not trying to make money here. It does link the Word and the Wishsong so it will be interesting to see what Brooks comes up with next.

Magic Kingdom of Landover

Magic Kingdom for Sale, SOLD! - The first in Ben Holiday's adventures in the kingdom of Landover, this is the one where he buys Landover for $1M and fids the place in upheaval and learns that he must defeat a demon in order to keep his land. His staff at Sterling Silver include a man turned dog, an incompetent wizard and a pair of guards, he meets Willow who attaches herself to Ben as well.

The Black Unicorn - More upheaval as Ben struggles to keep Landover from falling into ruin whilst Willow decides to go hunting for a Black Unicorn into the faerie mists. Whilst Meeks traps Ben and takes his place via illusions and more magic, Ben has to confines the others that it is not him that is on the throne but rather Meeks posing as him.

Wizard at Large - Everything seems well at Sterling Silver for Ben and Willow. Whilst Questor tries to free Abthany from his dog confines and instead releases an evil Imp spirit which reeks havoc and Questor and Abthany are sent to Earth as a consequence. To top it off Nightshade starts to have her revenge.

The Tangle Box - Ben, Nightshade and Strabo get trapped in the tangle box where they become lesser shades of themselves, as Ben becomes Paladin, Nightshade becomes just a woman and Strabo becomes a Gargoyle and they must work together to escape along with the help of those on the outside as well. Ben finally realises his feelings for Willow and leaves his dead wife Anne behind.

Witches' Brew - With her quest for vengeance Nightshade concocts a large WURM for Ben to face and with the help of Strabo (who still has it out for Ben) they manage to defeat it. Whilst pregnant Willow must obtain soil from Earth, the faerie mists and from Landover itself, where she gives birth is quite a shock. Nightshade also is in for a shock as are the Zoo Keepers on Earth.

The Demon Series

Running with the Demon - The first in the Demon trilogy looks at Nest Freemark as a young girl learning some bizarre things about her family. With her friend Pick (a sylvan), she helps look after the park across from her house, where she learns terrible things about her mother and what her father is. With action and adventure as well as a dash of intrigue, Running with the demons is on of Brook's best.

A Knight of the Word - Magic user from Running with the Demon, John Ross, decides that he doesn't want to battle the Void anymore and forsakes his powers. Nest realises that she must help John discover that he is a Knight and nothing will stop that, but who the Demon is may be a little predictable but still intriguing.

Angel Fire East - A Demon is running loose near Nest's home as he manipulates and weaves to lure John and Nest out of their safety nets. Two Bears pops up again to aid Nest and his loyalty is rewarded at the end. It seems now that John's story has ended and I hope that Little John is someone special, sad ending but good none the less.

Movie Tie-ins

Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace - Being a huge Star Wars fan, I loved the book but Terry Brooks brought something into the story that no other author could have. If you are a Star Wars fan it is a must have, the same for if you are a Terry Brooks fan. (He does wonders for the inner thoughts of the characters and the bit with Obi-Wan's lightsabre is hilarious.)

Hook - The Phantom Menace was not Brooks' first movie-tie-in but his second, as he also novelised the second Peter Pan movie. In much the same way as he did to TPM Brooks brings the movie back to life in your mind, vividly portraying what was seen on the screen.

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