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The Baker's Boy - Book of Worlds 1 - Conspirators try to force the young noblewoman named Melliandra to marry the horrible prince bbut she quickly escapes with Jack the Baker's boy who shows strange powers and knows he must flee before someone finds out. I really enjoyed this book - being the second series that I have read of her work. Jack is a very likeable character and thinking about it now it is a little like Memory, Sorrow and Thorn but faster paced and actually gets to the point a little quicker.

A Man Betrayed - Book of Worlds 2 - Kylock prepares to marry the mad Catharine, who dabbles in socery of her own. Kylock also places the empire in danger with his newly ill gained power. Meanwhile Melliandra is captured by brutal slaves and Jack falls prey to a smuggler's lying charms. Just as fun and exciting as the first one and I think Nabber is great though I feel sorry for Tarissa. If you enjoyed the first you'll enjoy the second.

The Master the the Fool - Book of Worlds 3 - Jack does his best to try and find Melli and Tawl whilst learning his new powers so that he can confront Kylock is stop the madness at its core. The only thing is the empire is wrethed in wars making it a little more difficult. A wonderful conclusion to the trilogy but is **** really dead? Though I'm happy that Jack finally knows now - its about time! I was engrossed with the characetrs and thought this ended nicely.

Sword and Shadows

The Cavern of Black Ice - Sword of Shadows 1 - Snow and Ice everywhere, making it a snowy wonderland or make that wildland. Once in one thousand years an innocent is born with the uncontrollable power and need to reach across the barrier of worlds, into the realm of the dead - and release the Endlords from their eternal prison, to annihilate all life and only a few can stop them before it is too late. Soon Raif is declared traitor to his tribe and he is on the run helped by the Angus Lok and joined by the young girl Ash who has run away from her father's clutches. Such an interesting concept - not many fanatsy books are set in such a deslote land which I enjoyed. And I liked the characters which is a good thing.

A Fortress of Grey Ice - Sword of Shadows 2 - The Endlords are preparing for an invasion but only the Sull's are preparing a counter attack. Raif becomes a Maimed Man and is one of the only people in the world to kill a Shadow creature meanwhile Ash learns of her hertiage from the illusive Sull's Mal and Ark. Angus tries to return home only to find it vastly different than when he was last there. Is you liked the first one then you will adore this one- more excitement, more characters, more hertiage and lots more fun in the mean time and some just deserts as well as some saddness. Can you tell I can't wait for the next one?

A Sword from Red Ice - Sword of Shadows 3 - Yet to be Released. The Endlords have awoken from their eternal prison - the long night is upon the land and dark forces must sate their lust for destruction in the war to end all wars. This is the time when clans should stand together, yet only the Sull, an ancient dwindling race have heeded the warning signs. Sull legend warns of the Endlords and foretells The One Who Bears Loss, the warrior who will stay their malignant power. They believed this warrior would be one of their own but a clansman, Raif Severance, has found his destiny and must betray his past to fulfill it. The tale marches from dark panoramas to individual tragedies, such as Angus Lok experiences with the slaughter of his entire young family, a sign of more death to come: 'Take me now, he murmured. 'Bring them back and take me instead.' But the gods didn't answer. The gods were dead. All will die unless a tide of evil can be halted and irrevocably destroyed for all time.

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