Stephen Lawhead

I haven't had the chance to read all of his works but I hope to soon as I like what I have read. Here I will review the Pendragon Cycle and the Celtic Crusades as I loved them so much and I also love the front covers of all of them they are really good.

The Pendragon Cycle

Taliesin - This is the tale of Charis, Princess of the lost Atlantis, Lady of the Lake and how Merlin came to be which is a new twist on the story and on how Atlantis disappeared. It is amazing how he ties the two together to make an extremely compelling beginning to the series.

Merlin - A different perspective on aspects of Merlin's life and it twists some of the old tales into completely different perspectives and this makes it a little tedious at times but still completely worthwhile. And this one is in Merlin's perspective the whole way through

Arthur - This one is from 3 peoples' point of view as the tale goes through, Pelleas starts it off (he is Merlin's servant), the comes Arthur's best friend Bedwyr and then lastly Anarin's perspective who is Merlin's servant again and it is sometimes confusing as it side tracks and you want to know about the characters they are dealing with.

Pendragon - Sort of a repeat of Book 3 but this time in Merlin's perspective again (it shows you the limitations of using 1st person narrative) some times highly confusing and a little strange but at least you don't get attached to the characters then have to start out fresh with a new one 1 3rd of the way through the novel.

Grail - From Morgain's and Gwalchavad's perspective and it totally contradicts Book 3's ending so be warned but I liked it none the less and it is straight forward telling of the Grail story (it was the 1st time I had read the grail story.)

The Celtic Crusades

The Iron Lance - I loved this book right from the beginning it is SOOOOO good. I love it how it deals with the 19th century Brotherhood then goes back in the past to deal with more on the Cele De. Murdo follows the Crusaders to Jerusalem and you learn of how the Crusaders actually would've behaved (it is really disgusting). Fall in love with Murdo and share his story and learn some this that you never even thought of, it is VERY well written.

The Black Rood -Get to learn a bit more about Gordon as he goes up the ranks of the Brotherhood and learn all about Duncan's adventures (Murdo's son) as he has to go on an adventure in order to recover the holy cross. There are a lot of references to real people and groups such as the Tempers and it is great as Duncan is telling is story from his jail cell and Gordon is reading it so it exists in 3 different time frames without being confusing.

The Mystic Rose - This one deals with Cait, Duncan's daughter and her search for the Grail cup. It isn't as good as the previous two but good none the less. There is not as much action like the other two but a lot of character development as you learn all about Cait and her Norse knights and there is more about Gordon which is good because I really liked him and it ties in Gordon to the tale at the end. It's a good ending to a fantastic series.

Patrick - Son of Ireland - I really enjoyed this book from beginning to end. I thought Succat was a spoiled brat and felt sorry for him when he was taken captive and made a slave by the Irish. I thought it amusing when he was in Roman trying to become a senator, who would've thought that this man would become one of the greatest icons in Ireland and the world? What am I talking about you ask, well Saint Patrick of course. Lawhead makes the story of Patrick's youth fun and exciting and un-put downable. I bow before the great author

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