Fiona McIntosh

Trinity Series

Betrayal - The story starts with two youths, Torkyn Gynt and Alyssa Qyn, childhood sweathearts. Torkyn goes off to become a physican whilst leaving Alyssa behind. Not content with just waiting Alyssa takes her destiny into her own hands. Tor finds himself in amongst some terrible strife and along with his companions Cloot and Lys, he travels towards his won destiny. I got this book on a whim and boy I didn't regret it inthe slightest, I plouged through the novel hungry for more. The characters are interesting and highly likeable whilst the story is intriguing and different.

Revenge - The world thinks Torkyn is dead, including his love Alyssa, but the stories are flase, Tor was saved by powerful magic and heals in the Heartwood. Tor sends his companion Yargo in search of the three Stones of Ordolt whilst he tries to stop Goth. Just as compelling as the first and as addictive, I was enthralled once again, keen to yell at Alyssa that Tor is not dead and to wait for him, and also suprised by the holders of the stones. I like the concept of the Paladin's - they are an interesting idea.

Destingy -The Trinity is found, but deep in the Heartwood they are not safe, Goth is still rooming - ready to take on Tor once again, whilst Xantia wants Alyssa and Orlac has crowned himself, can the day be saved? It gets more interesting and suspenseful as the story continues, though the great love between Alyssa and Tor shines through all adversity which is very touching. Orlac is such an interesting idea that works and the suprising twists and turns make it an un-put-downable read.

The Quickening

Myrren's Gift - Wyl Thrisk has followed in his father's footsteps to be the General of the armies of Morgravia and best friend of the King, but Celimus is a cruel man and hates Wyl from the onset - setting about to make it his life goal to torture the red haired young man. When Celimus makes Wyl witness the torture of Myrren, a girl accused of witchcraft because of her strange dual coloured eyes, Wyl helps the young girl and as a parting gift she gives him the Quickening. But the Quickening is not a goft to be trifled with Wyl soon learns. I love the concept of the Quickening, it makes for an intriguing story as it twists and turns Wyl's 'life' inside out.

Blood and Memory - Celimus has killed Wyl's best friend and sister's husband and even had Wyl killed himself, but the Quickening prevented Wyl from truely dying and he has been trapped again, this time as a woman. Not only has his lady love banished him, but now he must endure life as a woman, unable to stop Valentyna being ensnared by Celimus. I loved the simple twist at the end of the first book and this one is no different, it is very intriguing how Wyl endures being a woman.

Bridge of Souls - The last in the series, Wyl must try and stop the worst from happening, Valentyna's marriage to Celimus, but he is trapped in an all too familiar body and the only way to stop the curse is to become the man he hates the most, to become the sovereign of Morgravia. Wyl will do everything to save Valentyna, even if she doesn't know it is him that is saving her. Twists and turns, intrigue upon mystery and battling between foes. Evil magic is at work and it must be stopped whilst Wyl is trapped in an unending spiral of the Quickening.


Odalisque - When the old ruler dies, the son of the Zar's Absolute Favourite takes the throne, in his best interest his mother has all of his 'rivals' killed and a harem. IN this harem is the lovely Ana, who's only friends are Lazar and Pez, the local palace 'fool'. But there is more to Ana than meets the eye. Just as compelling as the previous series and exciting it is wonderful to see a new world of Fiona's mind. More of gods and rivalries with hints of intrigue and excitement. A must read for all McIntosh fans and those new to her writing.

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