Wilbur Smith

The only books of his that interested me were his Egyptian novels with Taita and the like - and because I had studied Egypt I found them refreshing and humorous - especially how Taita invented EVERYTHING

River God - First in the series deals with Taita and his love for the Egyptian Queen (don't worry he's a eunuch) and her love for another man. Various bad guys and events and some wars (where Taita invented the chariot). It is emotive as we get to follow Taita through his service of Lostis and it is gory in most places so be warned, but if you like a good story and gore read it!

The Seventh Scroll - It is VERY hard to put down, in some places it is bland but that is typical in most books. It is NOT based on a true story so don't get into that way of thinking - though it is VERY hard not to. It plays on illusion and reality like: "Your favourite author, Wilbur Smith, has agreed to write the story of our discovery of the tomb. He is calling the book The Seventh Scroll." It is done beautifully and fully of pace like the Mummy movies.

Warlock - Follows on from River God really in that it deals with Taita as a magician (like Imhotep in the Mummy) and he has plenty of powers. We get the plight of the heir as his father's friend traiterousliy tries to take over Egypt (and does mind you). Nefer Seti is under Taita's care and they go all over the place trying to set things right and love does spring on the horizon. But the book is interesting and fun so I would recommend it and you don't have to have read the previous two in order to enjoy it. 

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