Oh dear my first ever Fantasy book would have to be Terry's Brook's Knight of the Word followed closely by David Eddings work which I hold very close to my heart (despite everyone telling me how crap they think the books are - I love them!) I have read quite a bit of fantasy slowly dwindling the supplies in my local libraries and filling up my book shelf, then my parent's book shelf, the cupboard, the cabinet in the lounge room....

Any way here are a bunch of my most favourite authors and if a particular author is not here such as *cough* David Gemmell *cough* that means I didn't like him, or Terry Pratchett which I enjoy at certain times - need to be in the mood for his work or that I simply haven't read them and it is up to you to tell me to read them.

Below the actual authors I have included a list of other authors that you might like to try as well but no reviews will be supplied for these books.

Anselm Audley
James Barclay
Terry Brooks
Trudi Canavan
James Clemens
Sara Douglass
David Eddings
Kate Elliot
Steven Erikson
Jennifer Fallon
Raymond E Feist
Kate Forsyth
Maggie Furey
Neil Gaiman
Terry Goodkind
Traci Harding
Richard Harland
Elizabeth Haydon
Robin Hobb
Ian Irvine
JV Jones
Robert Jordan
Katharine Kerr
Erik van Lustbader
John Marco
George RR Martin
Fiona McIntosh
Garth Nix
Philip Pullman
JK Rowling
Sean Russel
Jan Siegel
JRR Tolkien
Tad Williams
Janny Wurts
David Zindell

Chronicles of the Custodians  by Martin Middleton
Circle of Light
Triad of Darkness
Sphere of Influence
The New Age
The New Order
The New Dawn

The Crimson Shadow by RA Salvatore
Sword of Bedwyr
Luthien's Gamble
The Dragon King

Valdamer by Mercedes Lacky and Larry Dixon
Brightly Burning
The Black Gryphon
The White Gryphon
The Silver Gryphon

Deed of Pakensarrion by Elizabeth Moon
Sheepfarmer's Daughter
Divided Allegiance
Oath of Gold

Fool's Gold by Jude Fisher

Kingdoms of Thorn and Bone by Greg Keyes

DragonLance by Margert Weis and Traci Hickman

Diskworld by Terry Pratchett

Marjipoor Novels by Robert Silverberg

The Change by Sean Williams

Isvalta by Sarah Zettel

Jewelfire Trilogy by Freda Warrington

Everien by Valery Leith

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