Phillip Pullman

Favourite Characters: Lee, Lord Ruke, Balthamos, Asriel

His Dark Materials

The Northern Lights (The Golden Compass) - Lyra is a young girl in a different form of Oxford than our own. In her world people have daemon's which they are born with and as children their daemons can change shape but when they become adults their daemons fix shape. When she saved the life of Lord Asriel her uncle she finds herself in no end of trouble and as children start to dissapear - Lyra suspects Mrs Coulter who has taken her in. She travels with the gypsies to try and save Lord Asriel from the bears and to find Roger her childhood friend who had been taken captive. One weird book and a half - it is youth fanatasy so that explains it. If it wasn't for the other characters I doubt I would've continued as I kind of find Lyra a little annoying - a good little light read though.

The Subtle Knife - Lyra finds herself in a world where there seems to be no people and when she encounters Will, a boy her own age who has accidentaly tumbled into the same world things get even more hectic. She tries to discover the nature of Dust by asking one of the scientists in Will's world (our world), but soon has to leave with Will after he manages to wrest the Subtle Knife away from a mad man and become it's keeper. As much as I'm going to admit it I really like Will and Lee of course, Lee is a legend :) Even if you didn't read Northern Lights you can follow this story and it was worth reading Northern Lights to get to this book which I enjoyed a lot more than the first one - maybe I have grown acustomed to the writting stlye or maybe the second book IS a lot better - but I really enjoyed this one.

The Amber Spyglass - The last in the series and yep it gets even weirder when Lyra and Will descide that they must go to where the dead are. But things aren't the way they should be - the Knife actually cuts the fabric of space and creates holes that must be patched up or else Dust will completely dissapear. Make sure your paying attention when you read this else you might become a little lost at times but it is well worth it but I have to comment -[SPOLIER] Why one earth do all the characters I start to like die? Every single one of them died! Grrr.

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