Jan Siegel
Prospero's Children - Fern travels to her old hoe with her brother Will only to find that something is outside that sounds like a large dog. Soon she finds herself in a strange land with a mysterious stranger and that she might have magical powers. Fern realises that she is in Atlantis and does all she can to get home but carries close to her heart the love of Rafarrl. Honestly a very strange but compelling story, it has some strange moments as Fern realises that she is actually a witch and that she does have power, powers that others want to use from her. A little on the strange side but if you are up for a little bit of strangeness give it a go.

The Dragon Charmer - Will and Gaynor get captured and Fern (also known as Morcadis a powerful witch) does her best to keep them out of danger - but they aren't helpless on their own. Fern must charm the dragon whilst Kaliburn the monsterous son of Morgus helps her. Meanwhile Ragginbone's old life somes to light. Okay I think its the heads ripening on the tree that is just that little bit really weird. Though the story is fast paced and it is a series yes but each book can also be read stand alone because there is quite a lot of time between them.

Witch's Honour - Kal must escape the clutches of his mother and damn her to death whilst Luc stupidly sells himself to Azmordis and makes havoc for Fern and co. Things just get stranger and stranger and to put it simply Fern wants out - she's had enough. It's the tree - definately the tree - the fact that dead people's heads gor on it and can talk that is truely bizarre though the ending was very good I can't wait to find out what is going to happen next.

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