Terry Goodkind

Sword of Truth Series

Wizard's First Rule - The start of the series introduces Richard to Khalan and he learns of his heritage as a wizard following his grandfather, Zedd's path. Wizard's first rule: People are fools, they will believe anything. It is gripping when the thorn goes right through his hand, and the dragon is heaps kewl. Some important ideas are introduced that are necessary for the rest of the series and its good so read it just because you'll like it.

Stone of Tears - Wizard's second rule: The greatest harm can result, from the best intentions. The tension is built up and up, especially with the sister's of the dark idea. It is full of action, with very likeable characters such as Warren and the build up of Chaledan's liking of Khalan. These books get better and better as you read them and when you re-read them they are even better still and there are little quips that you get on the second reading.

Blood of the Flood - Blood of the Flood is a fanatical religious group that thinks all magic is evil (much like Jordan's Children of the Light.) Breaks up into the stories of the various characters that is very interesting. Gratch makes a major kill in order to help save Richard and the others. Wizard's third rule: Passion rules reason. Also learn that Richard is a war wizard, being able to use both Additive and Subtractive magic (from both sides of his heritage.)

Temple of Winds - Is there any point in which Khalan and Richard will ever get a break??? The unknown killer is obvious so I'm warning you ahead. The funniest bit is Nathan: "Thank you for coming, Vincent. Sorry you have to leave now. Let me show you out." Whilst he is sweeping the ashes out the door. Also be careful as a good character dies. Nathan brings a new light to the story with his humour and wit.

Soul of Fire - Okay I'll spoil it, yes Zedd's the raven (I knew the raven was kewl.) It dwells in the one place but from different characters points of view, which makes it very intriguing and interesting. The chimes sound interesting as does the row of bells, they are weird, but an original idea. Also has little anecdotes of various chimes victims that are sad (the mushroom lady *sob*). Sad in places but good over all and a huge sucked in to you know who at the end!

Faith of the Fallen - Richard is just so versatile, he manages to make something good out of something very bad. I like the way he is an illegal transporter and his inspirational carver for the masses by showing them that life is preferred over what they are living. He manages to help all, but all I can say is WHEN WILL THEY GET A BREAK???? ( I want to learn woodcarving after reading this book.) I loved this book and has fond memories I thought it was wonderful.

The Pillars of Creation - When You start reading this novel it is a little confusing as it has NOTHING to do with Richard in fact it follows a young woman, Jennsen, on her quest to escape Lord Rahl who she believes is out to kill her and the voice inside of her head. Along the way she meets Oba who is exactly like his father, Sebastian the Emperor's strategist, Tom, a kindly D'Haran and two witches who try to help her escape the voice. It all comes to a climatic end at the Pillars of Creation where Richard makes his appearance. The Wizard's Seventh Rule: Life is the future, not the past. It is strange but very good none the less.

The Naked Empire - This book has lots of Richard in it! And some more of Nathan (I love that guy ). Okay it starts off where Pillars finishes so Richard and co have to go and try and find Nicci and some civilisation. Whilst Zedd has some problems of his own at the Wizard's Keep and Chase makes his return. Richard gets poisoned and he has to do the impossible in order to get himself a cure, Kahlan does something stupid to save his life (again - when will she learn?). It is a good book and I have heard a rumor that there are only 2 more books left in the series which will be good I'm keen to see an end to it though I will be sad to see the characters go.

Chainfire - Richard has been shot. Once healed, he finds that Kahlan is missing, not only that but no body else remembers her. Has the world gone mad? Is she just a figment of his imagination? Or is something more sinister at fault? Richard must try and find out what is going on, whilst others around him to be crazy AND he is persued by a creature made by Jagang's minions that has been turned into a blood beast that has only one objective - find and kill Richard. Yeah it sounds a little repetative from the last books in the series, Richard and Kahlan seperated - again, BUT it actually is leading towards an End Game and if rumours are true there is only 1 or 2 more books left in this series. After trudging through the first 100 pages or so the book started to get more interesting - when it didn't focus so much on Richard trying to convince everyone that Kahlan was real and he started doing thigns about it - that's when it got interesting. Much better than the last two books in this series IMHO.

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