Juliet Marillier

Daughter of the Forest The Sevenwaters Trilogy Book 1 - Sorcha is the seventh child of the Lord of Sevenwaters, Colum but when her step mother bewitches her father and traps her six brothers in the bodies of swans only she can save them from the spell. She is given a seemingly impossible task that leads her across the seas to another land and she must complete her task before it is too late or her brothers will be trapped forever. I beautifully written tale of a legend of Ireland the charcers are rich and fun to read and I was hooked, maybe too soppy for most people it is a little romantic but I guess that is the girl in me coming through, I really enjoyed it so much that I just had to get my hands on the next book in the series.

Son of the Shadows The Sevenwaters Trilogy Book 2 - The next generation of Sevenwaters children must deal with a new evil and only Liadan, the ordinary looking daughter who has the gift of sight and healing can save the land. There are some unusual pairings and Niamh is a little annoying at times but the story flows well and is a good sequel to Duaghter of the Forest, plus it is good to see Sorcha's brothers again as Coner and Finbar are my favourites. Worth reading? Definitely if you liked Duaghter of the Forest that is.

Child of the Prophecy The Sevenwaters Trilogy Book 3 - Fainne has grown up in an isolated cove in Kerry with her grandmother and father, her mother commiting suicide when she was but a small child. She travels to Sevenwaters and finds out some things about her past and who her grandmother is but she finds herself stuck in her decision can she do what she needs to do and forsake everything? A beautiful ending to the Sevenwaters tale, though very sad in the end, I was almost in tears but the characters are so hard warming that no matter what happens you feel good when you put down the book.

Wolfskin - All Eyvind wants to be is a Wolfskin, chosen warriors of Thor the Viking god, like his brother Eirik but his dark secret friend Somerled has much higher ambitions. Bound by a blood oath the pair travel across the ocean with Somerled's brother Ulf to the Light Isles where King Engus reigns. But a brutual murder tears the invaders apart from the Folk and war brews and only Eyvind and Nessa the niece of Engus can stop the war, can the growing hatred between their people keep them apart? It is much like the Sevenwaters Trilogy so if you hated those books then don't bother with this one at all, but if you liked them on the other hand I actually liked Wolfskin better, I didn't know whether to like or hate Somerled and even now I still don't know.

Foxmask - The next generation in the Light Isles, where Throvald goes in search for his father with his friend Sam, but little do they realize until they are at sea that Creidhe, daughter of Nessa, has stowed away on their ship. The trio embark upon a strange land where children are stolen before they are born and woman with golden hair must hide themselves and the strange Isle of Clouds draws Creidhe's attention. A loverly sequel to Wolfskin, I really liked it but I must say that I enjoyed Wolfskin better it just seemed to have a better story and I liked the characters more.

The Dark Mirror - Bridei Chronicles 1 - I really enjoyed this book, it was as good as her other books and more. It was not as romantic as the others which is a nice change though the romance is still there of course. So what is it about, well Bridei of course and Tuala, the fairy daughter who appeared on Bridei's doorstep to comfort the lonely little boy. Together they grew up but when Bridei's destiny is revealed, Tuala must find her own. It is a lovely tale that is a nice version of the Pict King Bridei.

Blade of Fortrui - Bridei Chronicles 2 - Ana, princess and hostage of Fortrui has been sent North to marry for the sake of an alliance against the Gaelic invasion force. She is escorted by a man she despises, Foalan, a Gaelic man who's past is a complete mystery. Bridei marches into battle in the meantime, hoping that Ana's 'mission' is a success - but of course, nothing ever goes to plan. In the tradition of Juliet's books there is love, betryal and intrigue at every corner, not only that but Ana's destiny is not as clear cut as she thinks when she learns of something hiding beneath her future husband's past.

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