Tad Williams

Favourite Characters: Jiriki, Orlando, Azador, Theo, Dread and Eolair

War of the Flowers - This book is so funny some crack up lines, Theo is just the best anti hero that I have had the pleasure of reading. Things go from bad to worse for Theo, his girlfriend has a miscarriage and dumps him, he moves in with his mother who he discovers had cancer and only has months to live, his band is going in a direction he doesn't want to go and when he leaves the city in order for solitude of the bush in a nice little cabin Theo is unimpressed when he discovers a surly fairy in his kitchen. Soon he is thrust into a world so unlike his own he doesn't know who to trust nor who he really is but he knows one thing, the Flower Lords are after him for some reason along with some undead creature. I loved it some other people might not be impressed that it is fairies but these fairies are mean not little giggling girls wearing next to nothing, do yourself a favour leave a few afternoons free to really enjoy the book and don't start reading it a few days before an exam trust me on it okay. Here's some quotes for the fun of it:

Look out evil doers! Test-Tube Boy and The Man Who Sometimes Plays the Tambourine are coming for you!" Outloud, his voice only shaking a little he said, "And you must be Satan, Lord of Darkness" - Theo meeting Hellebore (the 'evil doer') for the first time "Oh and you might as well bring back my motorcycle too." "It won't work here, Theo. Machinery from the mortal world wont run." "No. But it will sure look cool."

City of the Golden Shadow Otherland Book 1 - Not one for science fiction usually I got absolutely hooked in the worst way. Okay so what exactly is Otherland? Well it's a Virtual Reality netwqork that the richest of the rich own and control but it has a mind of its own as well. But first things first we are introduced to Renie and !Xabbu who are trying to find out why Renie's little brother Stephen is in a coma. Soon they find themselves in the midst of something they shouldn't have opened and find themselves with other net users inside the Grail Network at the request of a man named Sellars. But when things get out of control the group of users are split up and set adrift in the Netwrok itself searching for a man who had no idea where he really is. Paul has no idea what is going on, one minutes he is in the middle of a war, the next a bird woman is begging him to save her and his two best friends are hideous beasts. A brilliant start to the story I really like the idea of the sims and the virtual network and I took a shining to Orlando in an instant.

River of Blue Fire Otherland Book 2 - The travelers are trying to find out what they are supposed to do and find that they can't actuall go off line and in the real world Orlando and Sam's parents are trying to discover what has happened to their children and sent atorny Ramsey in search of the truth. But the truth is harder to find than they know. But someone is after those in the Grail Netwrok for his own reasons, his name is Dread and he has a darkpast, darker than most, he may work for Jongelur for the moment but doe he truly? It runs at the same pace as the first book and just continues the charcters on and on I'll tell you I was hooked there was no stopping me.

Moutnain of Black Glass Otherland Book 3 - Stuck in the times of the Greeks verses Troy, Paul finds himself as Odessyssus and mets up with Orlando and Sam who are Greek heroes, Orlando being Archilles and Sam his loyal friend again. But if that's not enough Renie, !Xabbu and the others are on the other side of the wall of Troy, how on earth are they going to meet each other? This book is crediably sad in the end as the group make their way to up try and stop Dread from taking over the network but yet again they are split up and a tragic death rocks their world. That bt was so sad, but likely I had the foruth book on hand that I could just continue reading the story.

Sea of Silver Light - Otherland Book 4 - Birllitn conclusion in one. Renie and co are trying to find their way out of the vast grey nothing that they find themselves trapped in and when Renie goes missing again the group try their best to try and find her and discover a strange world of fairy tales deep inside the Other's network. On the outside things go from bad to worse for Renie's father and freineds as they try to stop Dread's men from getting in whilst Sellars tries his best to hold the pieces together. To stop Dread the Other draws out it's champion much to the shock of everyone else. Involving twisting and ever evolving this book is a must read I was absolutely hooked on this series and couldn't get enough so much so that when I saw the short sotry in Legends 2 I was extatic.

The Dragonbone Chair Memory, Sorrow and Thorn Book 1 - I didn't enjoy it as much as War of the Flowers and Otherland but I did enjoy it none the less, it just had a slower pace than his newer books. Tomas is a scullery boy who's friend is the physician but when he discovers a prisioner deep in the dungeons of the castle and realeses him, Tomas needs to escape from the capital and make his way north to Josua's stronghold up there. But with the red priest and his men after him, Tomas finds the trek hard and when his companions turns out to be someone else entirely, Tomas feels strange and takes on the mission to find one of the lost swords of old. I liked it but it didn't grab me like his later books do but I will get around to reading the rest of the series eventually.

The Stone of Farewell - Memory, Sorrow and Thorn Book 2 - The second in the series follows Simon on his adventures after finding the sword Thorn - Jiriki the Sithi Prince he rescued leaves abruptly - leaving Simon amongst the trolls trying to convince the rulers to let their prisoners go. On his way again, Simon tries to find Josua who has barely escaped from the Norns attack on Naglimund whilst Princess Miramele does her best to travel to Nabban to seek aide for Josua's cause there. Not only that but the League of the Scroll's members are dwindling fast leaving only pieces for the others to pick up behind. Still in some places longwinded but yet again it is the intrigue of the sitha that kept me going, that and the fact that Eolair and Jiriki are my favourite characters so in at least half of the book either of them featured - making me content. Yes it is quite long but worth it in the long run and if you are so inclined maybe read it at the same times as reading something else a little less complicated - trust me works.

The Green Angel Tower - Memory, Sorrow and Thorn Book 3 (often in two parts but I read it as one) - Simon's tale continues and the Storm King's influence on King Elias increases along with the influenece of Pyrates as well. Simon must find Josua and they must stop Elias before the commet hits but with the doscover of an old ally and the influence of the sword - each must take their own paths to Hayholt. And they must disocver quickly who the 'flase messanger' is. After the death of the First Grandmother the Sitha deside that they must ride to war and meet Eolair on the battle field and make short work of Skaldi - but at what cost? This was one long book but the imagary of the Sitha riding to war sounds fanatastic - would be wonderful to see it on the screen - you think Peter Jackson is avalible? Just kidding. I wont spoil the book anymore and whilst it is long (longer than the other two) it is a fanastic ending - though in some cases very sad.

Shadowmarch - This was a terrible book, the characters were boring, the story boring, everything about it was plain boring. I kept reading to see if it got better but it didn't. Some sections were interesting then they too dragged out and I was bored. I read the last 200 or so pages in about 30 minutes becuase I just wanted to say I finished it and take it back to the library. It wasn't worth the minor money it cost me to put it on hold. Okay so what is it about? Well Briony and Barrick are twins, their father hostage in a distant land, their older brother the regent, some stuff happens, all isn't so well, the 'Shadowline' is moving - fairies are coming. Sounds interesting but something is missing - I don't like Briony or Barrick, Qinnitian isn't that interesting either nor is Flint and Chert. The only interesting character is Ferras Vansen and him, only marginally. If your a Tad fan maybe give it a go, you might enjoy it more than I did.

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