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Overall I'd have to say I liked this series and the reason why is that it ran a little like a roleplaying game in that the characters were thrown about everywhere having to do many things at once and were seperated then rejoined and back again. It actually wouldn't make a bad computer game now that I think of it. Very much Event Driven though with a little bit character driven thrown in the mix (because of the sheer numbers of them). Almost seemed to run away on the author at some points but he managed to draw it back together. And the quaint University introductions are clever (though I wont be telling you who the narrator is).

Favourite Characters: Er'ril and Merric

Wit'ch Fire - The first book in the series where Elena a young girl watches as her parents are killed and her brother stolen in a horrific fire. She quickly travels to her Aunt but that is not enough - she is hunted because of the Wit'ch power she now pocesses. Quickly she runs and finds Er'ril a one armed man who is more than he seems along with some other elemental powers. The group travel high into the mountains to try and figure out what to do next as Elena's powers increase. Had me hooked from the beginning with quick events firing and interesting characters - some people might find it a little too rapid but it moves like a comic book from event to event - Event Driven book.

Wit'ch Storm - The next in the series and of course it follows where the last left off and it gets more and more interesting as the story continues as does the history of the characters that we are following in the story. More characters make appearances and everything continues as Elena learns to use her powers. If you did not like the first book in the series then I don't recommend that you continue because it is much of the same.

Wit'ch War - We get to see the true colours of Er'ril and learn more about Joach and what part he might have to play. The characters have split up even further and the web gets more and more woven into knots and twists and turns. The story is getting more complicated and if you are distracted you might miss some important details but other then that it is very good and fun.

Wit'ch Gate - Continuation of the story following the various threads of characters such as Joach going into the desert, Elena and Er'ril after the events of recovering the book, Syral and K and Rag'narak. Plus all of the others as well as the groups met up and drift apart again. Seems to have lost it's zeal in this book - the sheer number of characters is a little overwhelmning and the ends that need to be tied up are done so a little hurridly preparing for the grand finale. Don't get me wrong it is good - but no where near as compelling as the previous books in the series - almost a little forced in my opinion - but despite all of this I still enjoyed it - I can't love ALL of them now can I? :)

Wit'ch Star - Kinda dissapointing ending actually - it seemed to fizz out a little as it approached the end - too many characters seemed to die in quick succession to one another that made their deaths not as impacting as they could've been. So yes it is the ending to the story all of the character's lives all jumble up into some form of a mess then starighten out as the 'world' is saved from the wrath of the twin gods Cho and Chi and magic is released - all except for one person - the narrator who is finally given the chance to die. Though the little University introductions and conclusions are awefully sweet - that was a good idea.

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