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The Wheel of Time

The Eye of the World - Get introduced to the characters: Rand, Moraine, Lan, Egwene, Nynaeve, Perrin and Mat as they are lead away from their home village of Edmond's Field for the start of a grand adventure. It is exciting when they all split up I especially like Elyas, he's a really interesting character, even Elayne makes an appearance. The start of something so complex it's a world of its own.

The Great Hunt - The thing on Bor was annoying, he seems insignificant (anybody know any different???) Finally Rand realises who he is (that is obvious for the readers since the last book) and sort of accepts it. Why can't Lan admit it?? The Portal Stones are very interesting (later learn from the Wheel of Time World book that they were used to obtain some of the Seanchan animals.) For Perrin: TELL THEM!!!

The Dragon Reborn - The characters tell their story from their perspectives such as Elayne, Nynaeve and Egwene at the White Tower along with Mat as well (man he can eat.) As well as from Perrin's perspective and his non-acceptance of what he has become. And will Rand stop saying "I'm not the dragon."

The Shadow Rising - One not to miss as Nynaeve and Elayne start to chase the Black Ajah, Egwene starts to learn from the Wise Ones the dreamwalking talent. Whilst Perrin is in Two Rivers battling Trollocs with his new wife and Mat learns of who he is to marry ( I guessed then who she might be and was correct as you learn in Winter's Heart.)

The Fires of Heaven - Originally I couldn't locate this book and skipped it and found that I had missed so much, so this is a MUST READ! : ) Warning a main character dies and Rand starts to go mad (well sort of) and the White Tower remains split with the exiles in hiding. More and more people start using the Tel'aran'rhiod for good and for bad, some important things happen in this World of Dreams.

Lord of Chaos - That Rand is. The Asha'man are formed (much to anybody else's horror a who bunch of power wielding mad men on the loose.) Something very important happens to Egwene, she doesn't understand it but she is determined to play her role. An Aes Sadi bonds Rand as her Warder and it isn't one of the three that love him! Exciting and full of action to no end, it continues the story well.

A Crown of Swords - Now Rand has two never healing wounds that Nynaeve has to heal (or will she??) Lan comes back and Nynaeve snags him and wont let him go (good for her!) Will Perrin's wife ever give him a break? She always has him on his toes. Finally Rand realises who he loves and admits it to them.

The Path of Daggers - I don't know what went wrong here but this book was incredibly boring especially after reading the others, they were exciting, but this lacked the whole excitement bit. Read it because it is part of the series as some important things do actually happen but it has no where near the excitement and adventure as the past novels.

Winter's Heart - The next installment in the series where so many things happen: Rand is bonded again, he cleanses the taint with a huge battle at the end with many Forsaken and the newer Chosen as well. So many things happen that are exciting and interesting to follow, it was very hard to put down, especially after the last disappointing novel, Jordan has put the excess excitement into this. Mat finally finds his "bloody wife" and escapes, taking her with him (I feel sorry for him when she regains conciseness.) Very exciting and full of adventure, read the series for just this book.

Crossroads of Twilight - I finally got to read this and I must say I was a little disappointed with it - nothing really seemed to happen at all. Mat finally has found out that the sul'dam can channel (light years after the rest of the characters found out) and the whole thing with "who made the hole at Shar'Logath" is dumb - there is no intrigue we know what happened. A person on a Message Board gave me the idea of this sum up:

Perrin: I'll save Faile but I'll wait until the next book
Rand: I'll do something in the next book
Elayne: I will become Queen of Andor but I can wait until the next book
Egwene: I will reunite the White Tower, but it can wait until the next book
Mat: I will stop travelling - in the next book that is
Okay so it is a very harsh review but I was disappointed - will I eagerly await the next book though the answer is yes and I only hope that SOMETHING happens in it.

Knife of Dreams - FINALLY things start to happen! And it says on the blurb 'penultimate' so the end is in sight! In hidding Rand must prepare himself for the final battle, but being plagued by the voice of the former dragon and the wound that will never heal he needs to negotiate a truce withthe Seanchan. Elayne fights for her throne, whilst Egwene is reduced to a novice yet again in the Tower. Perrin still hunts for his wife whilst Mat is caught up in an escape with the Daughter of the Nine Moons who he is destined to marry. Things start to happen in this book and whilst it doesn't have all the excitement of some of the previous tales it is leading up to an interesting ending that hopefully isn't anti-climatic.

World of Wheel of Time - This book is sort of an encyclopedia of the world it has information on: The Forsaken, Shadowspawn, Breaking of the World, Age of Legends, White Tower, formation of the Nations, Athur Hawkwing, Wars, Shara, Seanchan, Aiel and detailed information on the lands and it's people. A must read for any Wheel of Time reader.

New Spring -This is a prequel to the other WoT series and it is actually quite good. I had previously read the shorter version in the Legends I volume but the additions to this one very very good. Learn all about Lan and what being Malkier means to him and the political plots he gets himself caught up in. See Siuan and Moriane as Accepted being harassed by Eliada and taking the Aes Sedai tests. I really enjoyed it and the fact that Elyas was mentioned tickled my fancy and I STILL find the pond bit funny (both of them :p ).

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