Richard Harland

Ferren and the Angel - Heaven and Earth Book 1 -With the war of the Doctors and the Angel's battling all around them, what is left of humanity lives in fear of their oppressive overlords. Once a harvest the Doctors send out their representative to take the smartest and brightest of the humans for work in their factories. When Feren discovers a wounded Angel, Miriel, he gives her both food and water not knowing that this binds her to the ground and to a cursed existance. Such an intriguing idea, I have never read anything like it and I must say that is it wonderful. The ideas and concepts are so far out of the 'norm' of fantasy that it is like a breath of fresh air. Give the book a try you wont regret it.

Ferren and the White Doctor- Heaven and Earth Book 2 - Feren decides to join the tribes together and fight the Doctors but when he gets into the Doctor's lair's he finds out a startling truth that threatens to hinder all. Not only that but he also discovers that when a person dies because of the wars they are not admitted to heaven and are dommed to lead a half life on Earth in the abandoned cities as Morphs. My gosh could you pull it out any further - when my brain is thinking 'wow what a great concept' Harland pulls another one out of his hat and lays that on the table. Truely inspiring.

Ferren and the Invasion of Heaven - Heaven and Earth Book 3 - The briilliant conclusion to the series where Feren must ask upon the aid of Heaven to stop the evil Doctor's from continuing their rampage upon the earth. Though Asmodi, a former fallen angel, has different ideas adn threatens to destroy not only Earth but Heaven as well. I must admit I was quite taken with Asmodi and I just love the name - he is such a brilliant character. The conclusion is just as good as the rest and really I will sya it again - READ IT!

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