Robin Hobb

Favourite Characters: Fool, Fitz, Dutiful

Assassin Trilogy

Assasin's Apprentice - Fitz is the bastard of Prince Chivary and when his father learns of this he abdecates his position and leaves Buckeepu with his wife - letting hhis younger brother Verity become the heir. Knowing that Fitz is in a procarious position, Chade, the King's Assassin takes him under his wing and teaches him the tricks of the trade. Writeen in first person which I usually don't like I was sucked in and couldn't stop reading - a great tale to do with court politics as well as having moving characters such as Verity and Burrich and Chade.

Royal Assassin - King Shrewd learns from Chade that Fitz has the Farseer form of magic called 'Skill' he sends Fitz to learn from the Skill Master who tortures Fitz to the extent that Fitz's talent drains. Regal, the youngest Prince also takes a sharp disliking to Fitz and does all within his power to make Fitz's life a living hell. Not only does Fitz have to deal with all of this but he discovers he has another form of magic called 'Wit' whereby he can bond with an animal - most people think the magic is dirty and he must conceal it from all. Once again I was totally hooked though if you didn't like the forst one then don't continue on the story flows in much the same way.

Assassin's Quest - Being Verity's man, Fitz offers his skills as the Prince - tries to prevent war from hitting his countries shores - but it already has - whole villages are being Forged and there is nothing they can do about it. Verity discovers that there is and disaapears into the night. Keritten, his mountain wife joins with Fitz in trying to find Verity and what he is doing. Dragons, Forged, Skill, Wit - really to put it simply Magic and who exactly is the Fool? A turblent ending to a wonderful trilogy with room for more to come.

Liveship Traders

Ship of Magic - Althea can't wait for her families Liveship Vivica to come alive - but when her father dies and Vivica quickens - Althea learns that she is not to become Captain and her brother in-law sends her to her 'place' amongst the woman. Annoyed Althea does her best to leanr how to be a good sailor so that she can prove her brother in-law wrong and take her place on Vivica. I love the idea of the Liveships - what an interesting idea. This is set in the country below Buckkeep in another country where sea faring is one of the only ways of trade. For a Liveship to quicken (ie come alive) three generations of the family who owns it must die and a family - blood member must be onbaord for the ship to co-operate. Who an interesting idea. This time the story is in thrid person so that we can follow all of the different characters and what happens to them along the way.

Madship - Brashan and Althea decide that the only way to get Vivica back off of hte pirate Kenit is to take the beeched mad Liveship Paragon - but they have to convince him to come first. Amber, a young blond haired carver, re-carves Paragon's face and features so that he no longer bares so many scars and can see again. Meanwhile, Malta, Althea's niece is bethrothed to a man she barely knows and never seen his face bare though a veil of his people - who are the River Wilders and why do they cover themselves in veils? Paragon is such a cool ship - I love the way he is portrayed and the mystery of the River Wilders is very very intriguing. Yet again if you didn't like the first book then there is no reason to continue with the second or thrid but if you did then they are a must - the intrigue just gets deeper and deeper.

Ship of Destiny - Paragon finds Vivica and Kenit and help wrest her away from the pirate's grasp - but htings are already out of control and does Vivica want Althea back? On land Malta leanrs more and more about her River Wilder husband to be and together they discover the truth behind the Liveship's and their realtions with the Sea Serpents that nodoy expects. The fun and magic continue and is taken to the next level - what a brilliant ending though I kinda feel a little sorry for Tingalia and the Liveships themselves.

Tawny Man

Fool's Errand - We are back with Fitz again about 15 years after the events that stopped the Red Ships. He and his adopted son Hap and his wit partner Nighteyes find themselves yet again enbroiled in the intrigues of Buckkeep. For Prince Dutiful has gone missing - presumed kidnapped by the Piebalds, a group of Witted who are causing havoc all over the realm. Fitz quickly travels to Buckeep and finds himself in a community of Old Blood's - ie Witted who also believe that the Piebalds do them wrong. If you haven't read the first series you might get a little lost at times but not overly much - this series can stand by itself but it is benefical if you have read the previous two series's first (Liveship characters feature in Book 2). Yet again in first person just to warn you and flows the same way as the other series. Yet again I became hooked. Also the Fool features again along with a bunch of favourites from the first series.

The Golden Fool - My gosh some of this book absolutely blew me away - I so totally wasn't expecting some of the revelations that occured. Fitz manages to rescue Dutiful and bring him back to Buckkeep and starts training him in the Skill as well as warning him away from the use of Wit. Fitz, under the guise as Lord Golden's man servant manages to use his skills as a spy in trying to discover more about the Narashalia and their preposal of peace. Prince Dutiful agrees to accomany her back to her mother's house so that they can be married - but Fitz discovers that Dutiful's bride to be may have another motive all together. Like I said I was blown away and in shock - though the little interlude where chaarcters from the Liveship story meet was very entertaining and I enjoyed it emensly.

Fool's Fate - The final in the series details the events of Prince Dutiful and his quest for the Black Dragon's head - but the blue dragon Tingalia has other ideas. Not only that but the Black Man is an ingima and the Fool has thawarted Fitz attempts to stop him from coming and living out his own prohpecy. One can not help but feel the love between the characters, Fitz feels that he has to protect Nettle at all costs - though she seems to protect him more than he her and his relationship with the Fool is simply beautiful that one can not describe and must be read - a sad ending because whilst their could be more we hope not - Fitz deserves his chance at peace and be warned a well loved character dies - I'm misty eyed just thinking about it.

Shaman's Crossing - Solider Sons 1 - Nevare Gerar is the second son of a 'new nobel' - one of the many loyal men who where raised to lordship by King Troven after proving their valour. This means that Nevare is to become a solider, his father takes him to a local Shaman, an enemy of the wars past to learn the ways of nomad herders before sending him off to miltary school with the other nobel second sons. But inside the walls - a rivalry between Old and New nobels puts Nevare in the middle. In the same style as her other best sellers, this book is interesting and fun, it has a lot of backstory yes, but how else would you know what is going on. Also the outcasting of Nevare screams Fitz - but he is no Fitz, he is Nevare who handles it completely different. So read it - don't wallow in the past series and enjoy this new one!

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