Trudi Canavan

The Magician's Guild - Sonia is a girl from the slums and when she throws a rock at a group of Magicains doing their yearly sweep of the slums does her life get turned upside down. Soon she is hunted by the Magicains who can't believe that a lowly slums girl has the ability to perform magic. Incredably addictive - from the first moment when the rock hits the Magician's head are we on the side of Sonia and for the good - as she learns that there is no way for her to control her magic and goes to the school for the first time you feel for every step on the way. I really enjoyed it a simple but effecitive tale that is woven intricately but still enjoyable. Give it a go.

The Novice - Sonia is finding it hard at the school, she is often excluded and feels a little ashamed of her past and nothing Rathan can say helps. Not only that but when the other students decide to 'teach her a lesson' her superior skills are shown and she comes more ot the attantion of Akkarian - who she sees as an enemy. Not only that but Daniel is sent to become an Ambassador and figure out what the High Lord Akkarin was searching for when he was there last and give reasons to why he might employ the dark arts. More twists and turns and Daniel - I can't say another thing but just simply grin. And if you have ever been bullied at school the depictions of Sonia is perfect or even discriminated against as this is written with ease.

The Black Magacian - as the HighLord Akkarin novice Sonia discovers very little about his dark art skills though not through lack of trying. She relucantly spends her evenings with him - barely saying a word - missing her friends more and more as he keeps her cooped up inside. But when she learns the truth, will her feelings change? It twists and turns in so many ways that leave you astouned thinking - now why didn't I suspect that? And the ending is somewhat sad so be warned. Though a throughly enjoyable ending to the series and a half.

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