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Deverry Series

Daggerspell - I really liked it and couldn't put it down it has simple descriptions and very interesting characters and I love the fact that it goes back in time to explain the character's origins in the reincarnation circle. Nevyn is a very interesting and fun character even though he is old, I feel sorry for him though. A review on the back says it all: "A compelling fantasy saga by a magical new talent."

Darkspell - This one focuses more on Rhodry and the fact that both Jill and Rhodry are silver dagger's (like her dad.) It deals with Jill again in a past life with Rhodry again. Not as good as the first but a worthy novel to read and it contains more on dweomer's such as Nevyn.

Dawnspell: The Bristling Wood - It was okay as Rhodry is kidnapped and taken away as a slave, definitely not as good as the first one but in the series none the less. It leaves a lot of open ends. The tale of Perryn and Jill was strange and we met Maddyn's sprite. It has three parts dealing with the present and the past as well.

Dragonspell: The Southern Sea - Better than the last one but in some places it drags on a little and I lost track of a character, I guess he died when Rhodry got his memory back. Get left to wonder about Nevyn and Jill and what her Wyrd has entitled for her. And Perryn finally finds his place and leaves a sense of continuation.

Wastelands Cycle

A Time of Exile  - Follows the Deverry Series with the death of Nevyn (he fulfilled his vow so he gets to finally die : ( And Rhodry finally meets his real father!!! This time it goes into Aderyn's past which is twice as sad as Nevyn's past, but introduces some very important characters for later on. The incarnates page at the end of the book is very useful.

A Time of Omens - A good old character dies, but he comes back in a way in a later novel. Jill is close to dying and Salamander leaves hoping he won't return (he is the funniest character! : ) Has more on the important time when Jill was a male and the parallel stories make it really interesting. A very good part of the overall Deverry Series.

A Time of War - Introduces some important characters (Jahdo and Meer) and Rhodry's ring has found its use (note the dragon on the cover?) Evander's war is becoming quite intense and it introduces the "raven" who has played an important part in the past and will again in the future. A very compelling story.

A Time of Justice - A bad thing happens and a major character dies (saving others of course but it still is sad even though a little happy with who waits for them on the other side.) Evander is so funny especially when he kisses Rhodry I laughed until my side hurt with that one. The ending is a little flat but leaves room for more.

Dragon Mage Series

The Red Wyvern - The next installment in the overall Deverry Series focus's on Raena's past as well as with Evander and his brother Shento. Salamander is going mad and Evander has to go and bring him back so that he can get well again. It is a little short but brings back the characters and the cover design is great.

The Black Raven - The cover is gorgeous, I love it so much, click on the cover to get a larger version. It deals with the past and present of the characters going back and forth such as the love between two people that one loved the other in the past, but the other doesn't and vise versa in the future. The author says that the series is like a giant Celtic knot and this story backs that idea up and it left me waiting for more.

The Fire Dragon - I loved this story so much and I even cried, twice! (I never cry at books/movies/TV Shows.) It concludes the past that was opened up in The Black Raven as well as the future events, but be warned characters change and on old one comes back for the good of another (vague hey.) Now I really can't wait for the final two novels (go to: www.sff.net/people/kathkerr, the official website for more info on the next two.)

Palace - A single novel that is Science Fiction Fantasy that gets better and better towards the end and it is compelling and you just wait for characters to do their things. It is very well constructed and you can't tell the changes with the different authors. (Mark Kreighbaurn co-writes this novel and has apparently written a sequel that it hard to get ones hands on)

Snare: A Novel of the Far Future -I really liked Snare though it did take me a while to read it cause it was sooo long. The beginning had be confused for a while when she had so many characters with similar names and called them by their last and first names interchangeably but after I while I got used to them. I started really liking Zayn for some reason (that's him on the cover I think) and I kept on reading. It is well worth it - though it has elements of the futuristic fantasy that is cropping up more and more so if you don't like that style maybe avoid this book. Though I enjoyed it.

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