James Barclay

Favourite Characters: Ilkar and Auum

Raven Chronicles

Dawnthief - Meet the Raven, mercenaries that are pressed to save the world. There's Hirad the man of might, The Unknown Warrior the man with a mysterious past, Ilkar the Elven mage and some others that die early on - opps I shouldn't have spoiled that. They are taken on a quest by Denser a Xeteskian mage that Ilkar can't stand where they gain some more Raven Members (I wont spoil who) and try to find the magic spell of Dawntheif before their homes are ravaged by war.

Noonshade - After unlashing the Dawnthief the Raven find that a huge rift has opened in the sky to another dimension and they must go through it to the world of the Dragons (with the aid of Shar-Kaan leader of the Kaan dragons). They must battle the regulations of the 4 colleges whilst trying to save the world. They journey into other dimensions, including the Dragon one, to seek a way to close the rift before the noonshade comes and Dragons destroy the world

Nightchild - Five years have passed since the Raven split up and Denser's wife and child go missing so Denser seeks to reform the Raven. One by one the Raven come together again to save Denser's child - but does she really need to be saved - each time the small child has an emotion the world is ravaged by severe storms - it is too late to save her? 

Elfsorrow - Oh it was so very sad I cried! It is all about a mysterious disease that is causing all of the Elves to die in their home country right when the Raven have come to ask for help. So it comes down to the Raven to try and rectify the problem before their own Elves get sick. We meet some of Ilkar's family mainly in the form of his brother (Rebraal) who was most annoyed at Ilkar's disappearance. Yet again it is a fantastic book but so very sad.

Shadowheart - Has the most wicked of cover art - the pages (well their edges anyway) are red! Mind you now my fingers are all red from reading it though :) The book is as amazing as the rest of course and we get more of Auum and Rebraal and the Elves fighting the Xeteskian so that they can be given the chance to raise the heart. The Wesman are back in full fighting force and yet again the Raven are in strife with well practically everybody and Sha-Kaan desperately needs to get back home. I loved it and as the Raven chronicles continue I'm loving it more and more and the good news is we will see more of Auum in the future .

Demonstorm - This was an awesome book, a great 'conclusion' to the Raven chronicles (though what lies in their future is up to Barclay now ;) ). Be warned it is VERY sad, though terribly exciting. The Raven have retired, living with the Elves on their continent, content, happy, BORED! When no news comes from Balia, they grow a little concerned and when Hirad gets contact from someone he thought was dead, the Raven go to the mainland to see what is going on. It seems that the Xeteskian mages have done the worst - opened a hole to the demon realm and the demons are taking over. The only shelter is mage cold rooms, where magic can not be used, but maintaining them is a draining task. Can the Raven save their old home? What will it cost them to do so? I loved it, thrilling from word go to the end. One of the best books I read in 2004.

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