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Sabriel – Old Kingdom Book 1 - Sabriel is in the New World where her father Abhorsen makes irregular visits but when he goes missing she travels deep into the Old Kingdom where magic still exists in order to try and find him. She meets up with Moggart her father's cat who is more than he seems and rescues a man from his wooden prision. Fan and adventure it is ment to be a young adults book but honestly I didn't even notice, it is on par with the great fanatasy authors and suitable for all ages. I was hooked from the start and couldn't put it down, Sabriel is a great character as well as Touchstone and Moggart.

Lirael – Old Kingdom Book 2 - Lirael lives with the seers, the Clayr but as all of her friends develop their abilites she is constantly left behind. She gets a job in the great library and creates a friend, the Disreputable Dog but as things get more desperate Lirael learns about her past and that she has family out there that need her help. And Sighted or not Lirael, daughter of the Clayr leaves her cliff home to venture deep into the Old Kingdom. Lirael was actually written a long time after Sabriel lbut reading them you wouldn't even notice in the slightest, it is as powerful as Sbreil and a must read if you liked the first.

Abhorsen – Old Kingdom Book 3 - Continues Lirael's story to stop the Destroyer from well destroying the world. Along with Sameth, son of Sabriel and Touchstone, Mogget and the Disreputable Dog they battle Shadow Hands and dark necromancers past the wall to stop the Destroyer before it is too late. If you read Lirael then you HAVE to read Abhorsen they go hand in hand. Plus you get to learn some interesting things like who Mogget really is and Touchstone's real name (okay I'm spoiling it cause it's not overly important but I thought it was cool – Torrigan).

Shade's Children - This is a very strange book and yes this one is more evient in the “young adult” category. In a time when humans are enslaved and aliens have taken over the world, Shade collects children to his hideaway, but exactly who or what Shade is is something of a mystery even to the children who have been around him since the start. It is a very dark book, much darker than Sabriel but very good none the less. It is more science fiction than fantasy, but I enjoyed it.

Mister Monday – The Keys to the Kingdom Book 1 - This is a ride and a half, Arthur Penhaligon is a seventh grader who suffers from asthma and when he gets an attack in the middle of a gym lesson he feels himself dying and hallucinating, surely a man in a bathtub and another in a bowler's hat aren't real? But when he awakens in hospital with a ‘key' in his hand his life is turned up side down. Only he can stop the plague that has infected his new town but how can he, so weak and small do anything against the ‘Dog faces' and Mister Monday's henchmen, Noon and Dusk? Oh this book is a ride and a half, it turns one way then another then fully reverts on itself and comes back to where it all started but it is so fun! I love Dusk he is neat, I think it's the black wings.

Grim Tuesday - The Keys to the Kingdom Book 2 - This time poor Arthur is trust down into the depths of a Nothing mine where his only protection is the clothes he is given adn a raincoat. How on earth can get stop Tuesday, get the next piece of the Will and Key before Monday's empire is taken off of him? Yet again it is a little warped but really fun none the less and if a talking eyebrow doesn't make you laugh - nothing will.

Drowned Wednesday - The Keys to the Kingdom Book 3 - Follows Arthur as his hospital room floods and takes both himself and Leaf back into the house, but almost imediatley they are split up and when Arthur finds a red beacon his troubles have just started. He's been invited to have lunch with a giant leviathin that is more likely to eat him as part of a snack. Cute, like the rest of the series but it seemed a little strained, it's got pirates and adventure but this book definately has a 'kids feel'. I know they are kids books but this one really felt like it where as his other books don't. Hope it's just mid-series 'blues' though Saturday sounds like a blast, she's a bit of a hard one!

Also by Garth Nix: The Seventh Tower (Scholastic books)

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