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Demon Child Trilogy

Medalon -  The beginning of the Demonchild series where we meet R'Sheil and Tarja the daughter and son of a very powerful woman - a woman who is not to be trifled with. Only R'Sheil doesn't want to follow her mother's orders and soon learns some important facts about her self and decides to run away. A good start to the series and it is a wonderful little read.

Treason Keep - Tarja and R'Sheil are on the run, from their mother and others, they must find the Demon Child in order to save the Harshini, an almost mythical race that live almost forever and have very few "cross" offspring when when they do these children can rock the world. Dacendaran the good thief is absolutely brilliant he is soo funny, I just adore him - in fact he is like Talen in Edding's Sparhawk series.

Harshini -The conclusion to the trilogy where the Demon Child must do what they have to do in order to save the Harshini - but is it enough. The Harshini don't trust them and it seems as if the Demon Child is all alone. Can Brak help her or is he bogged down with too many issues of his own? Willthe gods listen or ignore the demonchild's demands? Read it and find out I guess, has some nice twists and turns. 

Second Sons Trilogy

Lion of Senet - I absolutely loved this book. So much better than the last series I have been waiting for each new book to come out with anticipation. It has surprisingly very complex characters and I absolutely HATE Marquel she is such a lying conniving little - well I can't say what here . Okay the story is about a very smart young man who might be the next best thing to what the priestess needs in order to keep her "throne" really. But Dirk has other plans, he doesn't want to be the Lion of Senet's pawn and when he discovers some interesting truths about his parentage. He is on the run.

Eye of the Labyrinth -Can Tia trust Dirk or will he stab her in the back and Alenor strikes back at Kirsh and his mistress but not in the way that you would think. Lets say I still hate Marquel and doubt I will ever like her even if she becomes the nicest person in the world. Dirk puts himself into a position of power but can Anatonov trust him and what of Misha? Anatonov's sick son has he a part to play?

Lord of Shadows - Absolutely amazing we discover the exact nature of Dirk's plans and where he needs to be hate Marquel some more, want to slap Kirsh and just generally love Misha. Dirk is the Lord of the Shadows the right hand of the High-Priestess and hence wields a fair amount of power and control over, well everything. But he is still under house arrest and is forced to got to Mil and slaughter his friends, cementing his ultimate betrayal but there are those that trust he is doing something more important than his supposed betrayal. It is amazing let me tell you that, I couldn't put it down once I got into it and excellent ending.

The Hythrun Chronicles

Wolfblade -The first in the prequel series to the DemonChild trilogy. It is in Hythrun, where Mara Wolfblade, sister to the current King finds herself in the most procarious of positions, whoever she marries will sire the heir to the throne because her brother is not likely to have an heir of his own due to his 'appetites'. There is mystery, adventure and all the things expected from Fallon, including that person you'd love to strangle. I really enjoyed it and to put it simply, it is the DemonChild world with Second Son's flair.

Warrior - It has been 8 years since Marla buried her second husband, in this time she has done everything and anything to keep the kingdom intact for her son to take the throne after her brother. In the backgroun Alija Eaglespike has plans of her own and they do not include the Wolfblade family, in fact, to her it's better they all made an unfortunate end. For Damin, he has his own problems when his uncle is determined for his cousin to be his queen. Just as fast paced as the first book, it twists and turns and some ends tragically. A very engaging story of the battle for the Hythrun throne.

Warlord - Marla is in between a tight spot and something worse, she has lost those she cares about and knows who is to blame for it - can she discretly deal with the problem before an all out brawl? Or can an unexpected ally help her out? Meanwhile Krakandar is at the hands of a mad man whilst the Fardohnya's want to take advantage of an ailing prince. Dark and mysterious with bursts of light would be a way of explaining the book another would be just simply good. A wonderful conclusion to the trilogy (hints for more maybe?), engaing and thrilling at every turn. Each character suprises you with the depth that they will go to get what they want.

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