Elizabeth Haydon

Rhapsody - Child of Earth 1 - Rhapsody is a Namer and when she inadvertanly gives the assassin Achmed a name and breaks his bonds with the F'dor who was using him for its own ends her jounrey begins. Together with Grunthor a Firbolg Warrior three escape the destruction of their homeworld by travelling under the earth and through the fires and become the prophecised Three. Together they embark on a new land and discover both new friends and old enemies have made the journey and as Rhapsody adopts children left right and center who is the mysterious Ashe a man who covers himself in a cloack of mist all the time and can they trust him or is he in league with the F'dor. Some people absolutely hate these books they find Ashe annoying, Rhapsody too perfect and Achmed just too sinister but I didn't. It is a different kind of story not following the 'norm' of fantasy writing and taking it in a different direction. Heck give it a go if you are game enough, you'll either like it or hate it.

Prophecy - Child of Earth 2 - Rhapsody, Achmed and Grunthor must split up if they are to find the firey F'dor and stop it before it does some serious damage. We get to find out who Ashe really is whilst Rhapsody must protect the sleeping child and stop her from waking and causing another anhilation. Whils the identity of the F'dor still alludes them all. Okay it gets a little romantic for a bit so be warned but it ends kinda badly but not at the same time so I wont say any more about that. If you didn't like the first one then don't try the second as it is a direct continuation - though if you are curious as to who Ashe is then read it.

Destiny - Child of Earth 3 - It took me sooo long to find this book - it didn't seem to get released in Australia for ages and ages - though eventually I got it and was happy. Okay the new Rulers need to be selected and Ashe along with his Uncle are vying for the position whilst Rhapsody- without the memory that Ashe took from her help Llauron take his next step. What a nice conclusion to the triolgy and I have to say - about damn time! I know that some people at this point where reading the series and thought what a crappy ending - but I liked it and quite a lot of people do too - so ner :P

Requiem for the Sun - Child of Earth 4 - Michael is back and he wants Rhapsody and will stop at anything to get her. Desperate Achmed and Ashe team up to find and rescue her and manage to find MacQuinn who actually wasn't dead (does everybody come back?). But the thing is Rhapsody manages on her own like a good little trooper. With such a happy ending to the first trilogy and old emey in leauge with the F'dor makes this new trilogy all the more interesting - that and I'm a huge Ashe fan - so I am happy. You don't HAVE to read the first series to enjoy this but I recommend it.

Elegy for a Lost Star - Child of Earth 5 - Rhapsody is very pregnant and very sick, whilst Achmed is determined to get his healing device made at all costs, ignoring all the warnings and flat out threats against him. Meanwhile Ashe is worrying about his wife, building a house and getting his namesake ready for his inherited role. But hell is about to break loose when an old enemy escapes their prision. This book was a little bland actually, it focuses a little too much on the nitty gritty things and ignroes the bigger picture, maybe its just getting a little too complicated and running away. I seem to be getting more cynical in these reviews...

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