David Eddings

Favourite Characters: Talen, Khalad, Belgarath, Althalus, Longbow

I have only included David's fantasy novels and not his contemporary novels High Hunt, The Losers and Reigna's Song,  including the ones co-written with his wife Leigh (which really is all of them.)

The Belgariad

Pawn Of Prophecy- It is really interesting the first time as it introduces you to the characters and it is funny all the same. I love it how Garion calls Belgarth Mr Wolf, that's funny! It is really funny to read it the second time because you know who they are and what happens to them, there are hints all over the place, you just have to notice them.

Queen of Sorcery- There are so many hints of what is going to happen, but the story evolves as they continue through on their quest to find to Orb. The Purpose is so funny, you just love him as he makes you laugh (sex is not relevant I just called it a he for sakes.) Warning there is a gruesome part in it, but it is well deserved.

Magician's Gambit - First appearance of a character that is very important in later books as well as others that are equally important. Relg is funny, you get to feel sorry for Silk (how would you like to be sucked through a wall?) And the part about the tree falling on Belgarth is quite funny. They find the Orb now they have to get it back to where it belongs.

Castle of Wizardry - It is funny for a second time reader when Taiba says that Errand most likely doesn't have a god, I laughed HARD at that. : ) Garion turns himself into a wolf, the Rivan King is found and Ce'Nedra is not happy at who it is. 

Enchanter's End Game - Garion has to finish his quest whilst Ce'Nedra gets some armor (she even gets it made to fit a woman, which the armors thought was funny.) The Orb even blushes at the end, whilst is funny, and you learn that it has it's own conscience. You also get to feel sorry for Torak, even though he is an evil god and all.

The Malloreon

Guardians of the West - The conception of Geran is quite funny, I think, in this first novel of the next Belgarion series. For a second time reader find the hints that tell us who certain characters are, they are quite funny when you notice them, but for a first reader just enjoy the story. BTW Velvet is a very funny character.

King of the Murgos - They are so alike! It is funny when Urgit is asking Belgarth and Garion about what Belgarth and Garion are like without knowing who they really are. The plot thickens as they try and find Garion's son. (I love Geoff Taylor's cover art -the one with the flaming hand).

Demon Lord of Karanda - I personally don't like the inclusion of the demons, I think that is silly and the 'bad guys' are more annoying then hateful, though Zandramas is okay. Zith is such a kewl snake (I don't want one though, I'm like Silk with snakes.) Beldin shocking Vella was the only really funny bit in the novel.

Sorceress of Darshiva - The club footed man is funny and I liked him especially his 'experiments' on himself, he's the humorous part of this novel. You don't know who much you use the maps when your version doesn't have one, I wanted to refer to it all of the time, but found that I couldn't. A good mid book to the series. 

Seeress of Kell -  The last one in this series concludes with a battle between two almighty forces and the final Child of Light and Dark will surprise you, although it is necessary. A really funny bit is this between Ce'Nedra and Garion:

"Habit, I suppose. Stay awake Garion."

"I wasn't sleeping," he lied.

"Really? Why were you snoring then?"

Belgarath the Sorcerer - A really funny story about Belgarath's life, you learn about how he became a sorcerer and disciple of Aldur. The Battle of Vo Mimbre is a little long though, so be warned, but the rest of the book is funny and you get to learn alot of what happened to Belgarth before we meet him in the Belgriad. A must read for all Belgarath fans and Eddings fans for that matter.

Polgara the Sorceress - The missing bits that Ce'Nedra wanted, she got when Polgara is forced to write down her story for her point of view. It is realistic I that her accounts and her father's accounts are somewhat different, but the ending is sad about Garion's parents as seen from Polgara's point of view, she got so attached to that family. You even get an account of Polgara before she was born!

The Rivan Codex - If you want to know all about the currencies, mode of dress, gods and other tid bits read this as it is a sort of dictionary for Eddings to right his stories off of. It has songs, information on Battles, Gods, people and even some events as well. If like liked the series I would read this to understand more of the tid bits.

The Elenium

The Diamond Throne - Queen Ehlana is encased in crystal in hibernation in order to stop the onset of the disease that claimed her weak King father. There is subtle jokes that you pick up second time around and the Talen and Kurik story is always funny, but then again, Talen is Eddings best character. The Ashard story is funny when he said "Fall upon your swords" instead of "Fall upon your foes," and they all killed themselves leaving him to wonder what happened.

The Ruby Knight - Continues Sparhawk's quest to save his queen by finding the Bhelliom stone and Flute's real identity is finally released and there is many jibes on Talen's part. Kurik is funny as a squire the rust thing always makes me laugh, he is Sparhawk's size or even bigger! This series has more humour in it though and I like it.

The Sapphire Rose - It is always sad when ****** dies although he is avenged, but it is still sad, I liked them heaps. Ehlana swindles Sparhawk good, even though Berit is quite upset at her choice. It is interesting that the beginning of this book starts off the moment it was left in the Ruby Knight, that is odd.

The Tamuli

Domes of Fire - Another story with Sparhawk takes him to the other continent in order to help the Tamuli Emperor hold onto his empire from an evil god. The pitch in the moat is kewl though (I like fights). Mmrr sounds like a really kewl cat that has a lot of fun, even though Talen swindled Sparhawk into allowing Danae to keep it. A fun beginning to a new series. Khalad is so much like his dad!

The Shining Ones - I always liked The Shining Ones, they are interesting people, even though Aphreal has to persuade their god to come back to them. My Favourite bit:

The true dawn began to satin the eastern sky some time later, and Sparhawk touched Khalad's shoulder.

"Wake up," he said quietly.

Khalad's eye's opened quickly. "I wasn't asleep."

"Why were you snoring then?"

"I wasn't. I was just clearing my throat."

"For half and hour?"

The Hidden City - So many people get married, even Kalten which is nice. The face melting thing is weird and sounds heaps painful. Ulath and the troll is funny, I always liked Ulath, he's interesting and funny although he doesn't speak much. Setras is such a stupid god, but funny, and even Vanion is funny. I like the end with Danae and Talen.


Redemption of Althalus - It's fun and interesting. I like what happened to Althalus when he was a thief, just so Emmy could get him to come to her, devious little god she is. I like how they all had an enemy to defeat as well as the word that applied to them so they could complete their task. The mother/father/children bit is great and I just want the House, how handy would that be? This is the best Eddings book so far (and I really like the cover.)

The Dreamers

Eldar Gods - I just love Veltan and Longbow they are simply the coolest characters around! Rabbit: "Are you trying to tell me that you don't miss?" Longbow: "It wouldn't be useful to miss". And Veltan with the colour BLUE is hilarious and the lightening bolts. Oh yeah I am meant to say what it about and if you should read it. If you like Eddings than it is a must all the things you love about the others books is there and more if you don't like Eddings give it ago you might just be surprised. And the fact that there are another three books coming is really good too. :)

The Treasured One - The sequel to the previous book leads off where Eldar Gods ended with Veltan's realm now in danger. All of the old characters return as well as some new ones come into the fray as Veltan's sleepy country comes to life. When one of the farmer's invents the spear all the others are amazed and believe that the people might actually be able to help. Longbow's still in it so I'm happy though the completely different writting style does throw you off for a little and the repeatitions from various points of view are I could say different. I did enjoy it though and cant wait to see what happens in the third.

The Crytsal Gorge - Third in the tale of the Gods vs the Vlagh. This time we are thrust into the lands of the Tonthakan, Matakan and mad Atazakan, ruled by Dahlaine. With the bunch of outlanders that have been recruited they must battle again against an increasingly resilient enemy to stop a hostile take over of the lands. In the background a silent, or not so silent hand guides the old and the new gods to stop the destructive force. Written the same as the previous books - from the perspecitive of many of the characters, the tale weaves in and out of the intrigue and this time the battle is not just against the Vlagh but against themselves.

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