Diana Gabaldon

Favourite Characters: Lord John, Roger

I was introduced to this series via the short story (Lord John and the Succubus) in Legends II

CrossStich (Outlander) - Claire Randall and her husband Frank go for a holiday in the Scotish Highlanders after the war. He being an English historian delights in finding information about his ancestore - Jonathan Randall. Bored with the books Claire goes to the country side and finds a stone circle which draws her attention. She brings Frank along and they watch as a bunch of the lcoal woman perform a pagan ceremony. Claire goes back later on and is succumed by the stones and transported back in time where she meets the real Jonathan Randall who is nothing like Frank. She soon is captured by some Scottish highlanders and is taken with them. She learns that she is a few years away from the Scottish rebellion where by most of the Scottish highlanders are killed and nothing is the same again. Along with Jamie, her new husband they try to stop the Staurt rising. Though some of it is more romantic than my tastes I can skip over that for the sake of the story which absolutely had me completely and utterly hooked, though for some the romance side of things might be too much - give it a try though - you might be suprised.

Dragonfly in Amber - Claire reminises with her grown daughter Brianna and tells her about her father back in the present. The story then describes Claire and Jamie's continuation of trying to stop the rising as they travel from France and back to where the rising begins. Roger Wakefield helps Claire discover what happened in the past - completely engrossed himself - and starts falling for her daughter - who looks nothing like Frank Randall's pictures. Keep a sharp eye out for the introduction of Lord John too :) Thing is a can't say anything more than that without spoiling it.

Voyager - Claire returns to the past after discovering that Jaime is in fact alive and well - not dying at Cullogen like he was supposed to. In the 20 years of their seperation Jaime forms a bond with Lord John during a time of his imprisionment and later becomes a groom at a friend of John's house instead of being shipped to America like the rest of the prisoners. Claire finds him - a publisher in town and his life gets turned upside down once more as he is now a smuggler and when his nephew Ian is taken - Claire and Jaime must travel to Jamaica to track him down. Claire finds an old friend in Jamaica and learns a little more about the nature of the stone circles. I quite liked this one - cheering along when Claire finds Jamie again - I'm a sap I know but it was good!

Drums of Autumn - Claire and Jamie start to make a home for themseleves in the America's. They meet with his Aunt and then deside to start building Fraser's Ridge. A long way from anything together - with Ian - they start making their home and friendship with the local Indian tribe. Claire discovers another stone circle close by and encounters something very strange - finding a skull with a single stone in it - she becomes suspicous of the owner's hertiage. Brianna decides to visit her parents after being plaugued by dreams of her two fathers, Roger not wanting to let her go alone follows behind her - but they argue and he leaves her. She soon meets Jamie and joins both her parents on the Ridge wondering if Roger will come and follwo her or not. Yet again I was hanging on everyword - I even had to sneak peek to find ot about Brianna and Roger as I simply couldn't wait. Though my affection for Lord John deepens everytime we get to see him.

Fiery Cross - More on Claire, Jaime, Roger and Brianna up on Fraser's ridge and the upcoming Revolution that is going to happen. Stephen Bonnet is a hard man to track but when he makes an appearance at Jocasta's wedding demanding the 'gold' Jamie realises that he has to stop the man before his family is destroyed and not only that he has to raise milata for the Governer as well. I was hooked to this one again though I did find it amusing that the first 150 pages or so is actually just one day and the impending 'fire' is kinda sad. Though the saddest bit happens to poor Roger and I wont spoil a thing but hasn't the guy gone through enough? After Lord John he's my favourite and saddly very little John in it bar a letter :( Can't wait for the conclusion to the series though - I wonder what will happen in it.

A Breath of Snow and Ashes - On their little ridge in America, the Frasers are plagued with the knowledge of an upcoming, loosing war, Jamie does his best not to get involved but when fire takes the lives of an entire family, a group of arrogant settlers who believe Claire is a witch, the waters are churning. It is as exciting as the previous books and just as hefty. Each twist and turn has you wanting to turn the page to find out more, especially when certain people are kidnapped and abused. Thrilling - can't wait for the next one.

Lord John and the Private Matter - This book was also very good and details what Lord John does after he leaves Jaimie as a groom. Lord John gets embrolied in a murder investigation that leads him to places of his past and to very strange events. Witty and delightful as always Lord John's tale is fun and exciting at every turn and twists this way and that leaving your sides sore from laughing. No wonder he's my favourite character.

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