Bernard Cornwell

Arthurian Series

The Winter King -  This starts of the series and it is just plain good, that's all I can say about it. If you are an Arthurian fan it is a must read as he grabs the well worn characters and makes the story interesting all over again without being too  predictable. It is a refreshing change from the clichéd Arthurian fictions

Enemy of God and Excalibur - These two books bring up the rear or the Arthurian tale that is a must read as you will enjoy it. I read it so long ago that I really can't remember much except that it is good and I loved it (it was over two years ago now and I am still exclaiming over it!)


Stonehenge a novel of 2000BC - I thought this was great as you always wonder how they got there and stuff and Cornwell has taken this and constructed a wonderful story. It even explains the archer's bones on the outer edge of the circle and how it developed over time with interesting and exciting characters that you feel for as some of their lives go down the hole. Enjoy it, I did.

Grail Quest

Harlequin - I want Thomas's long bow that sounds heaps kewl. The characters are interesting and fun as you follow Thomas through Wars, women and his heritage as he gets back the relic that was stolen from him. It is weird and wonderful and a really good read for all who like things Medieval and also for those that don't. I loved it and can't wait for the next one!

Vagabond - I really enjoyed this book though why Thomas had to cry all the time was beyond me - yes he was upset was there any reason to make him seem so whimpy (I wasn't fooled BTW). Thomas goes to find out more about the Grail joins some battles here and there makes a new friend, meets his cousin and is tortured on the way. BTW be warned that some characters including old favourites die - didn't say I didn't warn you.

Heretic - The final in the Thomas series and he destroys his bow to make a new one! I was both happy and sad at the same time as it is THAT bow that got me interested in archery. Anyway getting back to Thomas, it continues the story but this time Thomas invades France and takes over a small castle near the old Vexille stronghold in order to find the grail but he isn't the only Vexille who wants to find it, Guy's back. But when Robbie betrays Thomas because of the heretic girl, Thomas is also declared a heretic and is on the run, but not all his followers are against him. Can Thomas find the grail before it is too late? I loved the ending to this series though it is kind of sad to see it finish and all, but where the grail really is is really funny. If you've liked the rest of the series you must read this conclusion.

The Last Kingdom - Ever wonder what the Dane's were like? Alfred the Great and how he stopped the onslaught? Well then this is the book for you. It's Cornwell at his best, fast, exciting personel story with the underlying historical perspective that we have all grown to love. It follows Uthred, second song of a Duke, who is killed along with his older brother in a Danish onsluaght. Uthred is taken hostage and as he grows he must choose between his learnt life and his hertiage, which is more important, the father he never knew or the father he has grown to love? Very exiciting book and informative as well, just don't call the Danes 'Vikings' - the term actually means to raid, in a sense.

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I only seem to read Historical Fiction that is Medieval and older so I haven't by any means read all of Cornwell's works - only his Arthurian series, Stonehenge and his new Grail Quest series. Though he has also written a truck load of Sharpe novels that are much more modern than these Historical Fiction ones.

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