Traci Harding

Ancient Future Trilogy

The Ancient Future: the Dark Age - It sounds strange but it is REALLY good, no Arthur, no Guienevere, no round table but a more realistic set of characters and times. Tory, a Taekwondo black belt, gets sent back in time to the 6th century where she meets Maelgwn, a Prince and his companion knights including the delightful Brockwell, and cute little Bryce. She discovers that she has changed the course of history and obtained an evil enemy in the process. Its fun light hearted and VERY addictive, you'll find yourself reading it over and over again and you wont be the only one.

An Echo in Time: Atlantis - The second book in the series was very sad towards the end though in some ways I know it had to happen but.... You will fall in love with Rhun and Xavier (he he) and be sucked in once again and be unable to put it down, so if you don't have something REALLY (I mean REALLY) important to do, then I would grab this book and sit down and read until the sun comes up. 

Masters of Reality: the Gathering - The final book in the trilogy (and I thought it was the last so I savored it) concludes the tale beautifully. It is no longer the past but more the future and Tory discovers Atlantis again and all of the previous events in the past present and future lead up to one point in time, The Gathering of the Chosen. The list of matches made me laugh, especially Hatshepsut and it was just a really kewl ending to the tale, though I'm glad that there is another series as I really couldn't put the characters away. (Also it's my favourite cover! J )

The Celestial Triad

The Chronicle of Ages - Okay, I saw this in the book store one day and realised that it continued on the tale and then the next thing I know  I'm on the lounge reading it and not being able to put it down. Relive some important moments in the past, learn what happens to the Chosen in the future and fall back in love with Rhun (who am I kidding, you'll never get sick of Rhun) and laugh you head off at Cadwell (he is SOOOO funny). Humour and wit all rolled into one little book.

Tablet of Destinies - This continues on the tale and develops it onto new levels. Though you HAVE to laugh at Rhun and his tail (pp322/3 for reference). No wonder Rhun and Cadwell are my favourite characters! It is fun, surprising and just plain weird but I loved it none the less and can't wait until the final book, The Cosmic Logos to come out. If you have read and loved these books to offer your review by clicking on the review section at the bottom to this page.

The Cosmic Logos - Mind blowing (I have run a thousand words in my head and these are the only two that seem to fully explain it all, Brilliant, Excellent, Awesome just don't cover it). This is the concluding story of Tory and Maelgwn and I won't even spoil one bit of it except that it has the best ideas on the Logos and a wonderful "twist" (if you can call it that as that word has silly connotations attached to it that aren't needed here) at the end. It is full of surprises and I just love the Muse idea. So if you have read the rest, then read the best and oh yeah Rhun is in it again (*big grin*) and Avery is just as kewl! : ) So give it a whorl and send me your review!

The Alchemist's Key - I have finally read it (in one sitting mind you) so if you love Traci's other books, give Arthur's a go and you wont be the least bit disappointed. It deals with Wade, a young man who comes by the family fortune and flys over to England to become a Baron with all of the spoils. But he discovers something wrong in the house when he seems to keep on getting caught in Time rifts, so as any one would do he goes exploring and discovers a family secret - the Philosopher's Stone. The story is wonderful and all of the little time trips are really neat and you just have to get your hands on it.

Ghostwriting - If you love a good spook tale then this wonderful collection of stories is just for you. Learn a little about Traci's friends and family and some of her past whilst enjoying 7 wonderful tales of the ghostly kind. There's fog watches, romance, disgruntled ghosts, sad ghosts, happy ghosts and a particularly funny ghost (I think Tristan is great ). With the wonderful living and dead characters in the book who could resist? It is a must read! 

Book of Dreams - What an amazing piece of work. It draws you in from the beginning right until the end and the little creatures strewn throughout the book are beautiful and zany little things. I also like who the elements are all this fantasy stuff with wands and magic dust - Kyle has to WORK in order to move on. I like it and being Aussie myself I can say it makes me want to go research some more of the Aboriginal tales.

Gene of Isis - Mystique Trilogy 1 - Mia, Ashlee and Lillet all have one thing in common, they are unique women of their age and each carries something special inside of them. The tales of these three women are interwoven with one destiny, one grand adventure. Absolutely awesome, some people might think that the book is trying to 'ride on the DeVinci Code bandwagon' but if you think this then you will be suprised - it has nothing to do with it at all. Very much like Traci's other books and as equally compelling, I can't wait for the next books in the series to see where it goes!

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