Marilyn Todd

I, Claudia - Claudia Seferius, married to a wealthy wine merchant but her as her gambling debts spiral and her clients of other endeavors are turning up dead she has to do something before Marcus Cornelius Orbilio - an investigative officer finds out and tells her husband. Hilariously funny - Claudia is a woman to recon with with a little bit of Nancy Drew in her and some wit - she wins the hearts of every reader.

Virgin Territory - After the death of her husband Claudia finds that all he has left her is his wine bussiness, no jewels, no pile of gold, nothing - so how can she pay her gambling debts now? So when she is asked to chaperone Eugenius Collatinus's granddaughter, Sabina, to Sicily she jumps at the chance - that and she also gets a nicely paid for holiday. But things aren't as they seem and when a woman's body is found, Claudia's detective skills go to work. Just as fun and exciting as the first one - I really enjoyed it and the tension between Claudia and Marcus is neat.

Maneater - After being run off the road by hooligans, her wine business in danger and spending time in the home of Sergius Pictor and his wild animals for the Games it is not suprising that when a man turns up at her bedroom door - a knife sticking out of his belly - that she is framed for murder. Only thing is she has to discover who actually killed the man and survive the house as well - all before the Games start. Laughs a minute with a but of fun and adventure thrown in on the side and a lovely dose of mystery.

Wolf Whistle - Whilst travelling in the backstreets of Rome, Claudia Seferius discovers an abandoned young boy by the name of Jovi. At this time five young girls each having a dragon tatoo on their arms are brutally murdered. They are known as the 'Children of Arbil' and Clausdia decides to find out what is going on - the insufferable Marcus Cornelius joining in - not wanting to let a woman take his case. This was the first one that I read and I absolutely loved it - not one for mysteries but Claudia is hilarious. The reason she was in the backstreets was becasue she was trying to escape her debter and everything - worth reading even if you hate mysteries.

Jail Bait - As plague grips the city and all the wealthy people leave Claudia seeks refuse in the beautiful spa resort apatly called Atlantis. After fliriting with the charming Cal, he is found dead and he isn't the only one - can't Caudia have a holiday without having to solve a master mystery? Seems not. Witty and delightful and Cal was really kinda cute - you have to feel both sorry for Claudia and not at the same time - I wonder what Marcus thinks finding her in the middle of so many murder mysteries?

Black Salamander - Another crime, another murder mystery with strange clues and yes more of Marcus. Yet again Claudia must catch the killer and stop the plot before more people are killed. Okay I really enjoyed this one too - and the tension between Claudia and Marcus is getting a little annoying - come on that aren't that dumb - they are both detectives! But still this series is definately worth reading - now all I need to do is get my hands on the other books - that is if I could find them.

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