This site was created using a text editor and Paintshop Pro 8 for the graphics. Bookcovers were obtained from author websites and www.amazon.com or www.amazon.co.uk.

Khallandra on the other hand is a persona I had orginally created when I was starting out in my Medieval soceity in my first year at university. The name actually comes from Katharine Kerr's "Dallandra" and David Eddings' "Khalad". I have used it ever since. I also go by the names of Padawan Jenn, Sarlonde and Sylenay.

Website History

Well it is quite a long story but I will do my best to condense it into a short paragraph. I started making my website sometime back in 1997 and it contained a simple little page about Mortal Kombat, my Fan Fiction and some other things I was interested in at the time - it was hideous - it even had frames and was made in FrontPage ( I almost created it using Claris Works but I had discovered FrontPage and thought how wonderful it was - deluded I know). Then in 1999 I created the Star Wars part of the page and started working on my book reviews - though I had this wonderful idea of making really bad backgrounds that I thought were really good at the time. By this stage Stargate, The Mummy and some other stuff had appeared on my page. By mid 2001 I got a lust for the upcoming Lord of the Rings movie and by the time it came out I had my Lord of the Rings page up and running as well as my distinctive style of wallpapers on the black backgrounds. Pretty quickly I realised that Lord of the RIngs was stealing all of my space and bandwidth so I split up the site to two locations and created some more little areas and changed to black backgrounds and I got rid of the frames. I joined Ringquest in April of 2002 and discovered the art of Avatars. Lord of the Rings got bigger and bigger, Star Wars Episode 2 came out and the book reviews got bigger and bigger as well. Pretty soon it became clear to me that I needed to isolate my Lord of the Rings site and now I have seperated my orginal website into 6 different locations. Though I must admit 3 of them are Lord of the Rings as two are hosts to extra images and the Wallpapers respectively. There is the Star Wars site that has most of the orginal website material all revamped, the Avatar site as well as this one and of course the Lord of the Rings one that make up my domain. If you have visited before this site has undergone a major upgrade and revamp to the ne blue layout (October 2004).

About Khallandra

Well I'm 22 years old and live in Australia and I've just finsihed a double degree at University (Software Engineering and Molecular Biology if you were wondering). I have a passion for many things and you can find out these by visiting any part of my websites. I actually work as a programer and dabble a bit in graphics and graphic manipulation and have played around with 3D animation as well. I'm not a big computer gamer and I read way too much. What I do do a lot is create costumes and that is me dressed up for the Matrix last year on the left. On average I read 10-14 books a month and watch a few movies at the cinemas when ever I get the time and generally just hang out. I'm often found on the net traversing various message boards such as Ringquest, SFF, Graphiccan, Livejournal and Khallandra's domain or sitting at the front of my computer writing my novel, making avatars or generally just wasting time on it playing with my websites. I also do archery and own my own bow and I am afraid to say it, a Cat person.

What's Next?

So what's next for me and my websites? Well honestly I do not know. I'm hoping that Fantasy Node can become a real hit and attract lots of new people to my webring and generally just enjoy all of the books I have read. I plan I keeping a Reading Log on this site as well as having my reviews and Current information and hope I have the time to maintain it.

Fantasy Node is ©2004-2005 Khallandra. All bookcovers used on this site belong to the repesctive author and artist and are only used on this site for demonstrative purposes only. This site is a fan site and the reviews herein are only Khallandra's opinion and are not 'offical' reviews in any way but may not be reused without the express permission from Khallandra. All artistic graphics used on the site should not be used without the permission of Khallandra except for the link banners. Site Layout v4.1 (c) khallandra.