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Witches of Eileanan

Dragonwall (also known as Witches of Eileanan) - Witchcraft has been outlawed on Eileanan, a prince was turned into a raven and dissapeared all at the hands of an evil woman. Isabeau, having been raised in a secluded forest by an elderly witch is all that stands in the way of the dissapearance of the witches. The sea-dwelling Fairgean stir in their waters ready to mount their attack on the land as well. Once you get past the accents it is a very good book but I must admit I tried it once put it down then was convinced to give it another go and see if I liked it and I did.

The Pool of Two Moons - Maya the Ensorcellor holds the realm in the palm of her hand having sucessfully ridding herself of the current heirs and outlawing all witches but little does she realise that Meghan is still alive and with her twin sisters who have the future in their hands and a winged man who is much more than he seems. They must work together in order to stop Maya's plotting. I love Lachlan's wings - that is the absolute coolest - if I had wings they would be black! Oh the book, right, to put it simply I loved it and before I knew it the third book was waiting for me to read on the floor.

The Cursed Towers - Lachlan and Iseult have been crowned Rìgh and Banrìgh of all Eileanan and the Far Islands but the Bright Soliders are still around and Bronwen, Maya's daughter becomes a toy in their plotting. When Lachlan is stuck down and Isabeau goes on her own quest it is up to Iseult to save the realm. No not Lachlan! More intrigue and generally lots of magic and fun - though Lachlan's guilt over Isabeau is touching but getting annoying now.

The Forbidden Land - Finn the Cat escapes her family to join Dide and the jonglaur's and when Lachlan gathers the small force of 'children' to do a particular task, Finn is over joyed. But is it really wise to send such young people on such a perilous quest? Oh I forgot to mention that I like Dide as well - the group of 'children' are really quite entertaining and I liked this little almost off shoot that might turn the tide.

Skull of the World - Isabeau has remained in exile on the Spine of the World and gets to know her parents - still a little annoyed that Lachlan doesn't understand why she let Maya free. But when Donncan is kidnapped only Isabeau can save him from Margit with her new sorceress's powers. Silly silly Lachlan when will he ever learn and I like that Iseult and Isabeau's parents have a chance back together again though they just can't see that they have two perfectly good daughters standing in front of them. Nice little family ties woven in the story which is sweet.

Fathomless Caves - The Fairgain have decided to reject the Pact of Peace and invade the land - killing everyone on their path and it is up to Iseult, Lachlan and Isabeau to essentially 'save the day' using their respecctive powers. A lovely ending to the series that I enjoyed - after I got used to the accents that is. ANd Finally Isabeau is happy.

Rhiannon's Ride

The Tower of Ravens - Book 1 of Rhiannon's Ride - This follows on some years after the events of the previous series, with Rhiannion, half fairy, she is different from the rest of her race and finds herself at a minority. In such a cut throat society she accidentally kills a man and runs away on her flying horse, a aweing feat. Travelling along she comes across the Tower of Ravens, a place darker than it orginally seems. If you like the previous series this one is just as cute and friendly. The accents are still there but after a few pages of them you get used to them all over again. Also it is not essential to read the first series though it is a good idea as most of the characters make a return.

The Shining City - Book 2 of Rhiannon's Ride - Accused of murder and treason, Rhiannon is imprisoned in the Sorrowgate Tower. Here she is plagued with the ghost of a dead queen who wants nothing more but to live again. And admidst the tower Rhiannon knows that the ghost is directing others and there is nothing she can do about it. Meanwhile Lewen tries to continue his lessons and court life trying to put Rhiannon behind him. Everything falls into place and back out of place over and over again in this book. On one hand you want Rhiannon to escape and stop the evil but on the other you want her to be exonerated but you know that she did do what she's been accused of - its a vicous circle that is woven in this tale. Very intriguing and dark.

Other Books

Kate Humphrey - Full Fathom Five - Under this different name comes this very different book. It is all about the daughter of a painter who is a farmer's girl at heart and has anxiety so that she can barely leave her own house. When her father goes missing she tramples out to go and find him int eh rain and discovers him hanging from a cliff. Dramatic events unfold as the police question her and her family about her father's doings and she discovers things that she did not know as well as some aweful truths about her family. Can they survive it? A nice contempory novel that made me feel happy that it was set near to where I live :). I actually really enjoyed it.

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