Neil Gaiman

Note: I've only read two of his books for myself and plan to read more. He is the author of the incrediably popular Sandman Graphic Novels

American Gods - Shadow has just gotten out of prison, his wife has died in a car accident and he doesn't have a job anymore - what's worse he discovers that his wife had been having an affair with his best friend. To top it all off a strange old man in a buiness siut offers him a proposition. So Shadow accepts and finds him self in the strangest of circumstances - Mr Wednesday leaves him in a small town and things just keep getting stranger and stranger - until he finds himself a pawn in a war of the old gods verses the new ones. This book is utterly delightful it is funny and weird but all in a brillaint way as the main character seems to go along with the flow. Some cracker moments and excellent dialogue - its witty, fun and unput downable - I seem to recommend it to everyone that I meet.

Stardust - a cute little tale about Tristan who travells into the fairy realm to bring back the fallen star for his lady lust. But he gets more than he bargained for as the star is not an inaimate object but rather a young woman of seeming age to himself and not only that she is hunted by more than just him. Togather they must escape those who want to abuse her and strive to get her back to his home. Such a sweet little tale - I really enjoyed it.

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