Anselm Audley

Heresy - Aquasilva Trilogy 1 - Cathan discovers that he is not the legitimate child of his parents in the sea faring world which is dominated by the priests of Ranthas and the fire mages. Not only this but that burn any heretics who may worship the other god elements. Cathan soon finds himself at the Shadow academy where things are even more complicated than he thought. It is so good to see someone my own age publishing a book it gives me hope for mine which at the moment seems to be in pieces. The story is very interesting and since it is written by someone the actual age of the charater it gives it more believe ability. I really enjoyed it.

Inquistion - Aquasilva Trilogy 2 - Things get even more complicated for Cathan. He discovers who he really is and is stuck in the middle of the war between the Domain and the Heretics. Not only this but his former pirest friend is definately against him and his brother is out to kill him. Just as fast paced as the first book and the interigue gets more and more complicated and interesting. Yet again I was left wanting to read the next book and having to wait an entire year before I could get my hands on it. I love the front cover too.

Crusade - Aquasilva Trilogy 3 - The conclusion to the story leads Ravanna to her hertiage and into the arms of the enemy. Not only this but they are after the lost manta that could stop the tide of the Domain of Rathas - but is it worth it? It goes in so many different directions making it very hard to predict what is going to happen yet and is a very good conclusion to the trilogy - I can't wait to see what he has up his sleeves.

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