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Favourite Characters: Theon, Jon, Sandor (The Hound)

A Clash of Kings - A Song of Ice and Fire 1 - Suprise Suprise yep I have read these books too - twice actually and the last time was recently. I must say that I enjoyed this book a lot better this time. Okay it is the story about a very political world where King Robert usurped the throne from a powerful family but he isn't the man he used to be, his wife Queen Cersei is to put it frankly a bitch but her house is a very powerful house and it is when Robert convinces his old friend from the North, Ned Stark, to become his right hand man that all hell breaks loose. Not only this but trouble is brewing on the Wall where Others and Wildings are amasing ready for a war of their own. It is a little brutal at times and some of the characters are very harsh and abrasive. But it is fast paced, fun and exciting the whole way through though I must admit it is not overly suited for most under 15 year olds. That being said I must recommened it to anyone who doesn't mind a little bit of brutality and not so clean cut characters - it is not every one's cup of tea and if you aren't sure try reading the Hedge Knight tales in either Legends book and see if you like his style there.

A Game of Thrones - A Song of Ice and Fire 2 - Well do things get interesting or what? Theon returns home only to find out that home doesn't exactly want him so he does some really, I mean really, stupid things. Anyway Rob is marshalling and battling the Lannister's, Dany is doing her thing on the other side of the sea, the Greyjoys are taking over the North coast whilst Renly prepares to battle Stannis and Jon is having a jolly old time up on the wall and Arya is being dragged all over the place. This one is a little 'rougher' than the first book and in some places as crude as crude can be - but I guess that is the books appeal - they are a realistic (to a point) representation of the brutal side of the normally romantic Medieval ideal. There are so many Kings and wanna be Kings that it is no wonder that they re having so much problems with well everything. I blame it on Cersei :)

A Storm of Swords - A Song of Ice and Fire 3 - Jon does more of his thing on the Wall and in the Wilds, Arya gets dragged from place to place but gets some of her own back, Stannis is well just Stannis with Melisandre pulling his chains. Dany pretty much takes over everything though she is going to soon have issues with her dragons me thinks. Where is Theon? The Hound pops up here and there and Sansa and Tyron - well I'll leave that one as a suprise. Continuing on the story and the style nothing much has changed only that things are getting more and more complicated though it is good when I particular character dies - I cheered. And no stop it - I can't like Jamie I just can't!

A Feast for Crows - A Song of Ice and Fire 4 - Taking place mainly in Kings Landing and the surrounds. Cersei trys to hold onto the throne for her youngest son, whilst surrounded by roses and a more likeable younger Queen, who she believes she must stop before a prophecy is fulfilled. Meanwhile Jaime battles without his hand to lead the army that his father left behind, Brienne hunts for Sansa and Samwell is sent from the wall on an important mission. Typical GRRM style of dark death and destruction, each charcter is put through their limits in a dark world where everyone is your enemy and no one is your friend. It tells half the story, half of what is to happen and the only disheartening thing is its two books before we'll find out what has happened to these characters!

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