Maggie Furey

Heart of Myrial - Shadowleague 1 - The land is broken up into races - each race having their own borders that only a select few can cross but when word gets out to the Shadowleague that someone is trying to bring down the veil they send out some of their best representatives to try and find out who and where. Fun and exciting I like the way that the humans have their companions - even if one is a Fire Drake. The characters and even story pace is some what similar to Mercedies Lackey and Larry Dixons work but unique in its own way. I enjoyed the book emensly. So much that I raced down to the library for the next book in the series.

The Spirit of the Stone - Shadowleague 2 - Seriema is on the run, Tormon and Annas are in mourning, Veltan and Toulac on on their way back to the Shadowleague and the mystery of Blade continues. It is fun and just as exciting as the first book though my advice is that if you didn't like the first book then don't continue with the series because it is more of the same. In fact the book actually seems kinda short in a way which was dissapointing.

The Eye of Eternity - Shadowleague 3 - The senior Loremasters are at odds with one another, Veltan and company along with the very confused Zahval who finds a voice inside his head are being head captive in a way and the only way they can stop the tearing apart of the veil's is by going against the Archmandrike's orders and escaping. A terrific conclusion to the series and I slowly got to like Dark much more than Elion which is quite an acomplishment.

Other Books:

  • Artefacts of Power: Aurian, Harp of Winds, The Sword of Flame and Dhiammara
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