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A View from the Mirror

A Shadow on the Glass - The three worlds of Aachan, Tallallame and Santhenar are irrevocably intertwined. Though in Santhenar the use of the Secret Art is dangerous and has the aftersickness. Llian wishes to complete a great task and write one of the great histories even though he is one of the Zian an outcast race. At one of his tellings Karan is captivated and together they go on a quest to retrieve an ancient relic from Yggur, a great sorcerer. Though the relic is that of the Mirror of Aachan and now everybody who's anybody wants it including Mendark, Yggur's bitter enemy. A little different from your usual fantasy set in an almost Science Fiction type of world though without too many gadgets and the history behind it is absolutely compelling and unique. Some might find it overly long and not very good as it deals with how the characters interact with one another and do what they can to achieve their own ends.

The Tower on the Rift Tensor, Karan and Llian have disappeared whilst Mendark and Tallia wake up in the ruins of the Conclave. Tensor drags Llian back to the Aachan who become horrified at what Tensor has done. Meanwhile Rulke the Charon waits until his time is right and can escape from his Nightland prison. The characters are rougher than most normal characters each having their own flaws including Llian's sheer clumsiness. Though it is a very interesting story and worth continuing in order to find out what exactly will happen next.

Dark is the Moon Rulke is free and all he needs for his massive construct to work to rescue his people is the talents of Karan and since her and Llian are lost in Nightland Rulke has her in his grasps. Meanwhile Yggur and Mendark try to contain the power of the rift and to stop Rulke from coming through but this will also trap Llian and Karan. Twists and turns all over the place sworn enemies working together, powerful races working against one another intrigue, mystery and will Llian become corrupted?

The Way Between Worlds Llian is accused of betraying Karan to the enemy whilst Karan herself is held captive in the house of Carcharon and Rulke is almost unstoppable and the only person who can stop him opening the gateway to the void by using his construct is Karan will Llian get his great tale after all? Wonderful conclusion to the story and it is obvious that it was written as one story rather than as a quartet. It is a long story yes but worth reading because of its complexity and unique way of looking at things I enjoyed it immensely.

Well of Echoes

Geomancer - Set 200 years after the events in View from the Mirror and the world of Sanenthar has changed dramatically. Tiaan is trapped as an artificier creating controllers for the war against the lyrinx but soon she finds a new crystal that is more powerful than the rest. Not only that but a strange person contacts her in her sleep asking for her aid in saving his people. Soon Tiaan abandons her work with the crystal and steals away to an abandoned Aachim city in order to save her would be lover. Even more darker than the previous series and the crystals and nodes and clankers are an interesting idea. And the heirarchy system is somewhat strange in that their are breeding factories in order ot increase the population that is dwindling rapidly beacuse of the war. It seems cold and dark - a begger's view of the war and what ordinary people do to try and save others.

Teterach - Follows Nish and Irisis as they make their own journey's trying their best to find Tiaan and getting as far away from NIsh's ambitous father as they can. But soon they find themselves spilt up and if it wasn't for little Ullii they would've been lost. Meanwhile Vithis and his people also hunt for Tiaan whilst she finds herself captured by the enemy. Really you can't read this one without reading the first and it is much the same thing just a continuation of the story as if it is one long story rather than four parts. It actually ends on a cliff hanger so be warned and the war continues to get more and more futile for the humans but Tiaan and Nish both invent different things that could change the tides of the war - but yet again no one realises this.

Scrutator (also known as Alchemist) - After the distruction of the Snizzort node the lyrinx retreat to another area and find that they have lost Tiaan and that she is being held captive by Vithis who is trying his best to extract the secrets of the Thapter out of her. Meanwhile both Nish and Flydd are sentenced to be slaves in removing the clankers from the destroyed node - but they soon escape and find themselves realising that the Council of Scrutators are a bunch of idiots that will be the death of the human race. One definately has to feel sorry for Minis - poor cowardly guy and Nish shows some backbone for once and an old character makes a new appearnace - the only male 'hero' that seems to actually have a backbone is Flydd and even then... Why are the woman so strong and men so weak? And who is the Numinator? I would laugh if it turned out to be Karan or Llian - that would be funny. Another cliff hanger ending so be warned.

Chimera - Following from the events of the last book the group have been cornered by their enemies and will stand trail for their 'crimes' but not if Nish has something to say about it. The thrilling conclusion to the Well of Echoes series, sees the wrap up on many storylines and characters, not for the faint hearted though. Like all of the other books this is a very complex read but the action and adventures of the first few chapters gets you hooked into the story once again. A lot of things are wrapped up but the ending leaves room for another series which looks set to best even this one. If you take the entire series as a one book you will like this conclusion.

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