Erik van Lustbader

Ring of Five Dragons - Pearl Saga 1 - The V'ornn a race of beings who are blue skinned and hairless have taken over the planet of Kundala. The invasion represses the Kundalans who have lost not only their precious all-powerful Pearl but hope as well and only the fabled Dar Sala-at can save them. But behind the V'ornn are the techonoloigcally advanced Gyrgon who are more dangerous by far. Annon son of the current regent is a different kind of V'ornn and when he saves Eleana or tries to from his best firend his true nature shows. A little bit of Sci-Fi thrown into the mix but a very fast moving fantasy that twists and turns all over the place along with the intrigue and development of highly compilcated characters. Well worth giving a try.

The Veil of a Thoushand Tears - Pearl Saga 2 - Rianne tries to figure out exactly what her role is whilst her friends and family are reformed to become her protectors. She must stop the opening of the Veil before the daemons inslave the world. Just as fun and exciting as the previous book and the redevlopment of the V'ornn characters is an intriguing one that and the fact that some of the V'ornn do actually sympathise with the Kundalans. I really enjoyed it and I like Rianne and Rekkk, though sometimes pronoucing the names is a bit of a chore.

The Cage of the Nine Banestones - Pearl Saga 3 - Kurgan after getting rid of his rivals has found that he has now stepped into the realm of the Gyrgon's. Rianne finds her parents and starts to remember that side of who she is whilst Marethyrn starts her own resistence. The story gets more and mroe interesting as the series progresses, the fact that Kurgon has become almost the ultimate bad guy and getting worse whilst those all around him try to stop him, Rianne discovers where the Pearl is and what she might have to do with it whilst Gul Aluf's plans continue. I'm hooked on this series and can't wait for the next installment.

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