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Jackal of Nar - Tyrants and Kings 1 -The first in the series details the story of Richius a Prince torn from his home by a vicous foe and left to traverse the wilderness and enemies. He quickly becomes a formidable warrior but he doesn't believe in the Emperorer he is fighting for and sympathises with his enemy. It is fast paced, highly politcal and really good battle scenes that drive the story from one point to the next. I can honestly say I was hooked but if you are not a fan of battles then give this one a miss.

The Grand Design - Tyrants and Kings 2 - Once cuaght in the trap of Biago and the Emperor always weary, this book continues the story of the land of Nar and its constant politcal upheaval and ruthless nobels. Things go from bad to worse which is to be expected. More battles, more politcs and the like, if you didn't like that side of Jackal of Nar then give this one a miss.

The Saints of the Sword - Tyrants and Kings 3 - Okay this time it is Biago's turn to be in the middle of everything, he must do all in his power to stop the ambitions of Tailstan and retain his own power. But he quickly realises that his ruthless reputation has proceeded him and is actually foiling his plans. If you can't stand it when your image of a character changes then don't read and it is full of more politcal intrigue and adventure - an interesting conclusion to the series.

The Eyes of God - After trying to read this for the second time I actually quite enjoyed it to be honest which really suprised me. Orginally I hated the Lukien/ Cassandra thing (I've read that many King Arthur stories it isn't funny) but once I got past that bit I really liked it. And I loved the idea of Grimhold being a place of refuge (Ghost is neat) and I was a little suprised when Insight had my name! The sequel is set up to be a good one what with the Devil's Armour and all. I'll be looking forward to it.

The Devil's Armour - The second in the series, following Eyes of God. Lukien is in Grimhold but the city is recieving more an d more refugees, all wanting to be saved at 'Mount Believer', but little do they know the truth of the matter. Not only that but Baron Glass, bored and feeling useless is enthralled by the armour of a dark Akarii and he steals it to return to Liiria to stop Jazana Carr from taking his country. It is much more interesting than the first one where Cassandra is plain annoying and Akeela not a very 'evil' bad guy. This one draws on the evils within the main characters and how evil can come from the most 'good' people. It definately brought the series up a level in my eyes and I find Mirage the dumbest person in the books.

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