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Favourite Characters: Toc the Younger, Ganoes Paran, Pearl, Tehol, Rallick Nom

Gardens of the Moon - Malazan Book of the Fallen 1 - Okay after reading all about GRRM I noticed that most fans had also read the Malazan series and I HAD been meaning to read it for some time so I got off my butt and went to the local library and put it on hold. Whilst I was waiting I went to another library and got books 2, 3 and 4, just in case I liked it and couldn't be bothered going back to the library. Usually when I do this I end up reading the entire series so it was a good omen to begin with. But I must admit when I started Gardens of the Moon I was left thinking "Do I miss the first book or something?" as it was a little confusing. But once I got into it and started really liking Paran it went from there. Okay so what is it about in a nutshell: Malazan Empire is huge, ruled by an Empress who killed the previous Emperor (who 'created' the Empire) and his best friend and is currently at war with the Tiste Andii and their leader Anomander Rake. But that's not it there are also some free cities and a very strange young woman with the Bridgeburners. And I really can't explain it much further without completely blowing up the nutshell (I'm a Claw not a Sapper okay). But the thing is the world is so rich and it is almost as if you have Paran's knowledge about everything and that's why it was a little confusing but as he starts to learn more so does the reader, a very unique way of writing. Definately give it a go, you might get hooked like I did.

Deadhouse Gates -Malazan Book of the Fallen 2 - No Paran! This one actually is set a little after Gardens of the Moon and can essentially be read before GotM easily and deals with Ganoes's little sister Feilsin and a couple of characters from the first book. Since it is from a completely differnt perspecitive things start to fall into place though Feilsin can sometimes grate on teh nerves a little, but she's ment to. Also it deals with Coltane, the Fist, and his Chain of Dogs as he leads his army and refugee's across the desert trying to return to Malazan lands and oh Duiker who is just the best Historian ever. That and the BEST character in the whole entire series is introduced - Pearl! He is just the best character!

Memories of Ice - Malazan Book of the Fallen 3 - Back to Paran and the Bridgeburners and not to mention Toc! This time Paran and the rest of the 'renagade' army are left to try and forge an alliance with Anomander Rake and his Tiste Andii their former enemy in order to stop more wars. That and Paran discovers something about himself that he's not too happy with and tries his best to avoid but without much luck. Also you get to learn more about Whiskyjack and ol' Onearm. This one is full of battles and intrigue and well lots of fun in the mean time, Korlat is a really great character, I got to like her a lot. Also more things start to fall into place though the T'lan Imass are about the weirdest race of people I have ever met, though the history makes more and more sense as more is revealed showing how comples and well thought out Erikson's world really is, he has an absolute master piece on his hands and I love reading each layer that is peeled off.

House of Chains - Malazan Book of the Fallen 4 - In my reading log I have written two things: 1. Pearl is cool, 2. So is Cotillion, Torvald and sometimes Crokus/Cutter and sometimes Fiddler and oh yeah Kalam. Those are my first impressions and trust me I was loving every single Pearl moment - he is just the best! "it's not a matter of making up answers, it is rather an exercise in conjecture." Okay enough about how much a love Pearl I'm sure you get the hint by now :) This one is set back with Feilsin and her sister Tavore when they find themselves on opposite sides of a war. Not only that but the Chained God has gotten a stronghold and continues to pull strings in any direction he can. Though I must admit Karsa I hate, I mean really - he is loathesome. Though it is an absolutely awesome book the best so far though it would be wise to read the others before hand as it does rely on knowledge of the previous books.

Midnight Tides - Malazan Book of the Fallen 5 - Could I laugh any harder? Tehol and Bugg are an absolute riot! Tehol and his 'pants' oh yeah and the rain hat and the sleeping on the roof - I eagerly anticipated every single Tehol moment and was not dissapointed each time, so if that's the only part you like then read the book just for him. BUT there is also the Tiste Edur and Trull who was introduced earlier but now his background is getting filled in, that and it is a very strange realm where Hood's Hold doesn't exist, so people don't 'move on' when they die leaving for some interesting ghosts and well undead people. This book can actually be read before any of the others because it deals with an entirely different realm and all, but ut works well as part of the bigger picture. Erikson's worlds just get better and better with each book that he writes, I am noe eagerly waiting the 6th book in the series.

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