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Commander William 'Husker' Adama played by Edward James Olmos
Adama is the 61 yr old Commander of the Battlestar Galactica who was about to go into retirement after the decommissioning ceremony, but the Cylons had other ideas and the old Commander had to stay at his post. In his younger days he was a brash Viper pilot with the call sign 'Husker', leading his sons to take on his example. But when one of his sons, Zak, dies, Lee his other son blames his father for forcing his brother to become something he wasn't suited for and the pair come estranged. Throughout the series their relationship is explored on many levels that also intertwines with Kara Thrace, Zak's former girlfriend. Adama is a strong man, knowing his skills and those of his crew expertly, relying on his ship to help those civilians he now has to take care of. Whilst he has his differences with the new President Laura Roslin, they work together to help survive the Cylon invasion and trek into the unknown.
President Laura Roslin: [about Commander Adama] Maybe if he's more comfortable he'll be a little easier to deal with.
Commander William Adama: The Cylons never asked us what we wanted. Welcome to the big leagues.

President Laura Roslin played by Mary McDonnell
Laura Roslin is the Education Secretary, 43rd in the line of succession to be President, but when the Cylons attack the colonies she finds herself as the highest ranking government official and is sworn in as President. She quickly rallies a collection of civilian ships together and meets up with the last remaining Battlestar Galactica and it's Commander, Adama. She convinces the Commander that fighting is no longer an option and they must run in order to save the human race from extinction. Whilst she and Adama do not always agree, her levelheadedness and shear determination makes her a strong president. Her aide Billy, Galactica's doctor and Cpt. Adama are the only people that know she is battling a malignant breast cancer.
Cmmdr Adama: You're taking orders from a school teacher!
President Laura Roslin: Though in war, you can only get killed once. In politics it can happen over and over.

Lt. Kara 'Starbuck' Thrace played by Katee Sackhoff
Starbuck is the rough girl of the Viper pilots, she is the best Viper pilot on the ship and the best sniper and she isn't shy to admit it. A little bit of a loner since her beau Zak died (son of Cmmdr Adama), she has formed a unique bond with the Commander. She pushes herself to the limit and grates on other people's nerves, she can be brash and at times easy to provoke, but down at the core she is simply human.
Lt. Kara 'Starbuck' Thrace: I have my flaws, too.
Apollo: You're beyond insane!
Starbuck: It's good to be wrong.
Apollo: You should be used to that by now.
Starbuck: Everyone's got a skill.

Captain Lee 'Apollo' Adama played by Jamie Bamber
Only surviving son of Cmmdr Adama, Lee has been estranged form his father sicne Zak's death. When he is contacted to participate in the battlestar's decommissioning ceremony he does so with reluctance. It is clear form the start that Lee thinks himself lesser in Adama's eyes, less than Zak, less than Starbuck, but the opposite is true, the Commander holds his son in the highest of regards. Lee is an accomplished Viper pilot and becomes the CAG (Commander of the Air Group) of the flight team. He quickly becomes the President's aide in military procedures and must choice a side when it comes to conflict. Lee is a troubled young man, desperately wanting to make his mark unaware that he has already done so, he is deeply respected by all, despite not seeing it.
Apollo: You aren't, the book was banned. I read it, anyway. The point is: I understand where you're coming from, but I don't think you understand how critical the situation is out there. People are gonna start dying.
Apollo: 'Cause you're right, Tom. You were right about democracy and consent of the people. I believe in those things and we're gonna have 'em. And you can have 'em too. Or you can have this bullet. Your call.
Laura Roslin: I know who you are, but "Captain Apollo" has a nice ring to it, don't you think?

Doctor/Vice President Gaius Baltar played by James Callis
Brilliant but essentially stupid man who had a 2 year liaison with a beautiful blonde woman who he thought was a corporate spy but who was in fact a Cylon wanting to destroy the colonies. He gave her access to sensitive data that turned the tides on the war, he didn't feel remorse, just fear that he would die. He is driven by his ego and his will to survive, if it suits him he will give out information if it doesn't, he wont. The beautiful Number Six haunts his every waking and sleeping moment, twisting and manipulating him to her will and the will of her 'God'.
Helo: Aren't you Gaius Baltar?
Baltar: I haven't done anything wrong.
Doctor Gaius Baltar: You'll forgive me, Madam President, if I don't wish to be executed based solely on your... gut feeling.

Number Six played by Tricia Helfer
Beautiful, but dangerous 'corporate spy' who turns out to be a Cylon, one of 12 human 'models'. She can not die for her consciousness will be transferred into another body, but her feelings for Dr Balter have made her different from the others. She is a Cylon, she has a plan, but whether or not its the same plan as the other Cylons, one simply can not know. In a word she is dangerous. She is cunning.
Doctor Gaius Baltar: Really? Well, I'm sure someday if you're a good Cylon, he'll reward you with a lovely little walking toaster of your very own.
Number Six: Humanity's children are returning home. Today.

Lt. Sharon 'Boomer' Valerii played by Grace Park
Young Raptor pilot who's parent's died at a young age. She has only recently graduated form flight school and finds herself in the middle of a war, fighting for her own survival. But strange things keep happening to her, she finds herself dripping wet with an explosive in her bag, another explosive is found in her ship where she has difficult saying that she has found water. Meanwhile back on Caprica, another version of her finds her former shipmate Helo and together they go on the run. One knows she's a Cylon the other copy on Galactica doesn't, how will she react when she finds out?
Number Six: She probably doesn't even know she's a Cylon, I wonder what she will do when you tell her.
Boomer [upon finding water]: I'm having difficulty saying it.

Col. Saul Tigh played by Michael Hogan
Not a well liked man, but Adama's XO. He is brash, arrogant and an alcoholic who takes offense to Starbuck even breathing. Whilst not drunk on duty, he drinks his nights away, but when his wife returns to him, old habits creep out making him a little unreliable. He gets lucky with one lucky call, but who knows what the next battle will bring and if he will be able to handle it.
Adama: I want you to go down to the landing bay and take charge of the damage control party personally.
Tigh: Who? Me?
Adama: You're either the XO of this ship, or you're not.
Col. Saul Tigh: Yes, we are tired. Yes, there is no relief. Yes, the Cylons keep coming after us time after time after time. And yes, we are still expected to do our jobs!

Billy Keikeya played by Paul Campbell
At 19 Billy becomes the new President's aide, he is a little awkward in his new position but does his best for the President. When he first visits Galactica he is quite taken by Petty Officer Dualla and manages to embarrass himself a few times, but as time progresses their relationship expands. Billy is a quiet person who is a good aide to the President and remains as one of her confidants.
Dualla: Stay frosty, there, Billy. Everything's gonna be all right.
Billy: These people... your people have been exploited!

Petty Officer Dualla played by Kandyse McClure
19 year old bridge member of Battlestar Galactica, from Sagittaron. She is the chief communications officer who does her job in the tight spot. When one of her closest friends is killed early on during battle she starts to feel an attraction towards the President's aide, Billy Keikeya. She is very smart, quick and loyal. Billy Keikeya: The president thought you might be valuable.
Petty Officer 2nd Dualla: [sarcastically] On the other hand, it is nice to get out of the CIC. Break up the day, move around, meet new people.
Dualla: I'm from Sagittaron, and that man does not speak for all of us. He blew up a government building, and there is no excuse for that.

Lt. Karl 'Helo' Agathon played by Tahmoh Penikett
Helo is the E.C.O. Raptor pilot form Battlestar Galactica along with ship mate Sharon 'Boomer'. He sacrifices his seat on his Raptor to Dr Gauis Balter and is left behind on Cylon invaded Caprica where he must rely on his wits to survive and ignore the pain of his leg injury. When Boomer returns, he is shocked but when they find that they have no way of getting off the planet the two run as far and as fast as they can, staying just a little bit ahead of the Cylon patrols. He is a quick thinker, who is dedicated to the 'greater good' and willingly sacrifices himself for others.
Caprica Boomer: I just couldn't leave you behind. Let's leave it at that.
Helo: (calling out) Hello?! Anybody out there?! Anybody wanna help two stranded pilots? That's what I hate about big cities: no one will help you

Chief Petty Officer Tyrol played by Aaron Douglas
Chief petty officer of Deck Crew Five in his mid 30s, Tyrol is loyal and determined. He is a good leader and well respected by his team, who would do anything for him, including covering for him when he goes off with Valerii in their 'secret' relationship. He believes in making mistakes and learning from them, but can be somewhat blind to the matters of the heart. He suspects Valerii might be a Cylon but will not voice his doubts though she feels that she must prove to him that she isn't.
Boomer: Hey... that is just what I needed.
Tyrol: Hey, can you do me a favor? Tell Captain Apollo he owes me one wing

Lt. Gaeta played by Alessandro Juliani
Tactical Officer aboard the Battlestar Galctica, who is versatile and resilient. He greatly admire Cmmdr Adama and is fascinated by Dr Balter's work. His fast work and meticulous efforts make him a perfect officer in the Cylon attack, proving his worth to the command crew and crew alike. He does what he is told and relishes in being part of the CIC team, when both Tigh and Adama are absent he is in charge of the CIC, a duty he doesn't take lightly.
Adama: Damage report, Mr. Gaeta.
Gaeta: I actually studied genetics in college. In fact, I was planning on going for my graduate degree through the military extension program.

Crewman Specialist Cally played by Nicki Clyne
She is a 21 yr old deckhand on Battlestar Galactica as part of Cheif Tyrol's deck crew five. She is fiercely loyal to her Cheif and befriends deckhands Prosna and Socinus. She has no combat experience before the Cylons attack but takes her position with ease and does her duties. When she is taken prisoner and is attacked by an inmate she bites his ear off showing that she is not one to mess with. She is well liked amongst her peers and has a light hearted personality.
Mason: Is that your way of telling us you're not scared?
Cally: No, it's my way of telling you I'm tired.

Tom Zarek played by Richard Hatch
A political prisoner for the last 20 years, Zarek is a man who inspires those around him. When Lee Adama asks the inmates of the Astral Queen to help mine the water desperately needed for the fleet, he has to go through Zarek to get it. But Zarek has other plans and takes the Astral Queen and Cpt. Adama prisoner. Whilst being idealised by some and vilified by others Zarek is a dangerous man, a man who does things 'for the people', but are his motives that black and white? When he is challenged by Lee, Zarek sees that his motives aren't so noble after all.
Apollo: Zarek's got the prisoners united. Let's go through Zarek.
Zarek: Thank you for your offer. We respectfully decline.
Zarek: It's always better when the oppressed don't fight back, isn't it?
Roslin: You have something to learn when it comes to public opinion, Commander. Tom Zarek is a name with weight, a very sympathetic figure, a legend, almost. 20 years in prison, over a matter of principle.
Apollo: Tom Zarek's been out of the headlines, out of the news, forgotten for 20 years as he rots in a cell. And now he's got a chance to go out in a blaze of glory. And he's gonna take it.

Boxey played by Connor Widdows

When Boxey's father is killed on Armistice Station on the eve of the Cylon attack, Boxey's family has no idea that he has been killed thinking he was just on a redundant diplomatic mission. When the Cylon's attack Boxey is one of the children that Boomer saves from Caprica and brings back to Galactica. The six yr old is wuickly 'adopted' by Valerii and believes that both of his parents are dead. He quickly becomes a part of the crew.
Col. Saul Tigh: Where's your mommy?
Boxey: Dead. Where's yours?

Lt. 'Crashdown' played by Sam Witwer

After Boomer leaves Helo on Caprica he is replaced by Crashdown as her new E.C.O., a young pilot from Triton who had joined the team when needed. Sharon doesn't like him very much but Crashdown does his best to try and get to know her and the rest of the team. He is one of the officers and tries his best to see what is going on and to take the lead in extreme circumstance, but like everyone else, it is very new to him and not such an easy ride, though he does enjoy being the saviour when their Raptor finds both water and trillium.
Tyrol: A little rough on the new E.C.O. Don't you think?
Boomer: He's not my E.C.O. He's some refugee from Triton that I've been saddled with, and I didn't ask you.
Crashdown: Great, Boomer. The second that I score, the bus driver jumps in and takes the credit.


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