Original Series

I seriously tried watching this but it was just too alien for me - it was filmed before I was born! But anyway a quick run down, the series screened in 1978-79 (24 episodes) with a spin off series in 1980. It starts as the Cylons betray the 12 colonies and the only surviving battlestar, Galactica, is on its way to find earth, the fabled 13th colony. It is very much a TV series of its time and was very popular (with a fan base still active today), younger viewers, such as myself might not like it so much but you could always give it a try. The episodes are avaliable on video and DVD. For more information view this FAQ.
Richard Hatch as Capt. Apollo, Dirk Benedict as Lt. Starbuck, Lorne Greene as Cmdr. Adama, Herb Jefferson Jr. as Lt. Boomer, Maren Jensen as Athena, Tony Swartz as Sgt. Jolly, Noah Hathaway as Boxey, Terry Carter as Col. Tigh, Lew Ayres as President Adar, Wilfrid Hyde-White as Sire Anton, John Colicos as Count Baltar.

2003 Miniseries

The Battlestar Galatica miniseries became a re-vamp og the old series for the younger audiences. Some major changes occurred allowing more female characters to be included (notably Starbuck becoming female which enraged quite a few) and the doing way with the 'soley' robotic Cylons. There are many types of Cylons, the robotic ones have been given a revamp, the ships are now part organic, part robotic, whilst a whole new breed of human-like Cylons has been created. And they are the most dangerous of them all. The miniseries proved so popular that a television series was then created using the same characters and actors.
Edward James Olmos as Cmdr. William Adama, Mary McDonnell as Laura Roslin, Katee Sackhoff as Lt. Kara 'Starbuck' Thrace, Jamie Bamber as Capt. Lee 'Apollo' Adama, James Callis as Dr. Gaius Baltar, Tricia Helfer as Number 6, Callum Keith Rennie as Leoben Conoy, Grace Park as Lt. Sharon 'Boomer' Valerii, Michael Hogan as Col. Saul Tigh, Matthew Bennett as Aaron Doral, Paul Campbell as Billy Keikeya, Aaron Douglas as Chief Petty Officer Tyrol, Lorena Gale as Priest Elosha, Barclay Hope as Transport Pilot, Kandyse McClure as Petty Officer Dualla, Connor Widdows as Boxey, Michael Eklund as Crewman Specialist Prosna, Alessandro Juliani as Lt. Gaeta, Tahmoh Penikett as Lt. Karl 'Helo' Agathon.

'Reimaged' Series

The first 13 episodes of Season 1, brought more questions than it answered. It follows on from the events in the miniseries with an episode called '33 minutes' and from there the series is born. It stars the same characters and actors as the miniseries and has a very good premise. It is darker than most sci-fi series, relying on heavy drum beating music and a fantastic opening theme (the old theme was heard at the 'decommissioning' ceremony in the miniseries). Season 2 will start airing in July.


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