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Welcome to Viper-X, a Battlestar Galactica fansite. This fansite focuses mainly on the new series with some links and information (in the About area) on the older series. If you'd like to link back to this site there are buttons and information on the Links page. If you'd like to Contact Me feel free to do so through the contact form.


1st July 2005 - added some more icons
26th April 2005 - Site launched, fanlistings joined
                     - Link banners modified
27th April 2005 - 'Crashdown' Bio added, Episodes 11, 12 and 13 added.
                     - Apollo Colourbar & Starbuck 'Friends Only' Banner

Featured Quote:
Apollo: [both of their Vipers are attached together while trying to land on the Galactica] Don't you think we're coming in a little hot?
Starbuck: [lying] No, not really.


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